please note that this group is not alive at all and is merely up for archival purposes. thanks!

#1: Knight of Eterna Forest
TKL Ethan

Head of the King's Legion, and the finest shade of crimson you'll ever see. He's considered intelligent by some although he claims not to be. He happens to play tons of video games and edit a lot on wikia.

Fandro Symbol
The Founder and Leader
#2: The Determined Painter
TKL Sketch
This kid can be way too kind, however if you get on his bad side you'll be in for a world of pain...maybe, Sketch prefers brain over brawns and likes playing Riichi Mahjong to calm himself down.
A Founder
#3: The Shadow Warrior.
TKL Dark
A friendly guy and semi-official artist for the team, he tends to overreact about things but means well in the end. He is one of the Founding Four and is quite an older user on the wiki, his time on the wiki coming second only to Lumoshi.
Fighty Umbre - TOME
A Founder and Semi-Official Artist
#4: (Place tagline here.)
TKL Lumo
To be filled by Lumoshi.
A Founder
#5: (Place tagline here.)
TKL Danni
To be filled by White.
#6: The Funky Dude
TKL Locky
yeah bro im going to be the prince of this town called bel-air.
Tv - fresh prince

now this is the story how about how my life got twisted upsidedown, sit back and relax while i tell you the story of how i became the fresh prince of the king's legion.
in west middleages, where i born and raised, relaxing, playing b-ball with my friends, i got one little problem and my mom got scarred and she said you are going to move to bel-air (y'know the rest)
#7: Insert Corny Tagline Here!!!
TKL Brandon
An entitled white kid who is pretty sarcastic. The snarkiest of all snarks, Brandon loves video games and writing, although sucks at both. He's cool, I guess?! SSB Paper Mario Series
#8: (Place tagline here.)
To be filled by Sam.
#9: I wish my name was Evangeline ;-;
She's clumsy, dumb and completely in love with video games, mainly The Sims and The Walking Dead. Eva is often found online at European night times.
#10: The man freed from karma
TKL Karma
The other guy, he's sorta around but never really makes himself known, but when he does, you'll know. He's loud, outrageous and will do anything random without finding it embarrassing.