The Johnny Dog War is a game made by Overclocked that features Johnny Dog and is part of Series Swap Day 5.

It's plot involves Johnny Dog going against all of the gods and entities in every mythology (or at least close enough) to stop a huge threat that will end existence.


Johnny Dog is just chilling with his girlfriend when all of the sudden Thor shows up at his house, saying that a dude from the multiverse is going into other multiverses and sending his undead army through. With his portals raising all of the dead, they fear he will wake up a massive threat locked away a long time ago.

Johnny and Lady Kit go off to save the multiverse of multiverses, but first off they need to find the evil dude. They stop at Portalguru and head towards Gold Hills.

Playable Dudes

Image Name Description
A Johnny Dog Christmas Johnny Dog Johnny Dog has the powers of being able to use his sunglasses as weapons and can jump pretty good.
No Image For You! Lady Kit A Lady who is a cat. She can use hand revolvers that she pulls from her hair and can leap off walls.

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