The Jam: Jam Up! is Season 1 of The Jam. A callback to the original series it's based on, the season doesn't really have a theme besides the basic one. Focusing on Brandon, Dark, Ethan, Sketch, and Sam, it ran for 30 episodes. Along the way they battle various monsters, including recurring foes Tommy and a mysterious big bad. Reception has been TBA. The theme song is Slamming Jammin Power Dunkers.



  • Dark: The self proclaimed leader. A brave but overconfident and cocky hero, Dark has red armor and utilizes martial arts in battle.
  • Brandon: A sarcastic technology whiz. Brandon is a prankster who has yellow armor and utilizes a laser blaster in battle.
  • Ethan: A shy nervous young man who is close friends with Sam. Ethan has yellow armor and utilizes a cloak in battle to confuse and outwit enemies.
  • Sam: A compassionate young man who is a Gentle Giant. Sam has purple armor and utilizes brute strength in battle.
  • Sketch: A younger member who has his head in the clouds and loves drawing. Sketch has blue armor and uses a sword in battle.
  • Tommy: A dirty fighter who brawls against the Jammers before he eventually joins. He becomes good, but still keeps his jerk qualities. His armor is green, and he utilizes street fighting in battle. His weapon is a slide whistle that can summon enemy copies.




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Number Title Info Author
001 Pilot Five heroes team up to protect their favorite club, the Jam, from an alien invasion. Sr.Wario
002 Armored with Knowledge The Jammers learn more about the Jam's origins and gain colored armor to fight evil. Sr.Wario
003 Holy Hell, Tentacles!! The Jammers face their first real threat with their armors, a burrowing tentacle monster with a mysterious agenda. Sr.Wario
004 Fighting Them Team A scientific accident creates a team of mindless robotic assassins that rampage around town. Sr.Wario
005 Tommy Trouble The Jammers face off against a malicious prankster with Jam armor named Tommy. Sr.Wario







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