Pilot is the first episode overall and for the season of The Jam(2015). Reception has been TBA.


Five people walk into an abandoned club...


The Jam is a popular club in the otherwise desolate town of Nowhere, until it's closed up for strange happenings. Many are disappointed, but none more than Brandon, a frequent customer, and Ham, the bartender. Eventually it's forgotten, as is Nowhere, leaving but a few citizens remaining. Ham goes missing and Brandon becomes jaded, sarcastic, and anti-social.

In a deep depression, Brandon comes to the Jam to try and snap himself out of it. Brandon enters the bathroom and hears people entering, something surprising. The visitors are Sam and Ethan, close friends in the middle of Nowhere looking for a drink. Brandon tells them what happened to it, and they leave, disappointed. However, Brandon offers them a chance to raid the fridge, which they do.

The trio have a good laugh and get to know each other. Things get more surprising when another visitor enters, an artist looking for inspiration in the desolate town. Frusterated by the presence of people, which makes the place "unoriginal", he takes up their offer about having a drink.

A bit later, a gun blast breaks open the door, and a young man hops over the counter, as do the four. He introduces himself as adventurer Dark, who got himself in trouble. Sketch throws a pencil at one of the assailants, which causes the five to laugh out loud. Brandon is happy that he'll die with friends, but things change when a bottle of whiskey starts levitating and rams into the criminals, knocking them unconcious and away from the Jam.

Although greatful to be alive, the five wonder how their lives were saved. Brandon remembers why the Jam was closed, but decides to stay longer. Sam and Ethan are up for it, Sketch could always use some more inspiration, and Dark wants to lay low for a while. Brandon celebrates with another bottle, which they all share, smiling.







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