The Jam
Broadcaster(s) NightVision TV
First Air Date(s)
Opening Theme One Republic - Love Runs Out (Season 1)
Ending Theme TBA
Season(s) 4
Episodes 100(95, not counting Season 0)

The Jam is an animated series developed by SuperSonicDarkness and Sr.Wario. It is based on the community of Fantendo, and thus features many references to happenings in the site. The show features a number of odd jokes and an incredibly deep lore, with all the characters getting tons of development.

The show has two spiritual successors, Jamming Again and High Above Them.


The story follows a group of friends fighting evil and going on misadventures. In their free time they hang out on a café called "The Jam" in a town known as Nowhere.


Season 0Edit

A series of pilot episodes were released prior to the start of the show, each one being about a different main character.

  1. Dark: While on his way to the jam, Dark gets set off course when he is attacked by a wild laser monkey and is now lost in the woods.
  2. Brandon: Brandon is invited to speak in neighboring town Someplace, but finds himself caught up in an Indiana Jones style adventure and must defeat King Huh.
  3. Sketch: TBA
  4. Fandro: TBA
  5. Sam: TBA

Season 1Edit

There are 20 episodes in this season.

  1. Not-So-Random Access MemoriesIt's the 7th Anniversary of The Jam's creation, and jammers old and new share stories about past adventures. (Season Opener)
  2. Let It Rock: Dark, Danni, Sketch, and Brandon have the seemingly great idea to form a rock band, but when they actually start their band, all the cliches happen and it quickly gets under their skin.
  3. You're Gonna Go Far, Kid: Sam and Dark try to help Fandro be more self-confident, but things don't go too well.  
  4. #blameip: An odd traveler who has been in The Jam before returns, much to the main gang's distaste. Hayley tries to convince them to give him another chance. 
  5. Made in Japan: This episode shows alternate interpretations of Brandon, Dark, Hayley and Danni in an old-time Japan war, their faction is losing so they go out on a special mission to win the war...things go wrong quickly.
  6. Into the WildernessWhen The Jam is closed for the day due to maintenance, Dark, Brandon, Sam, Sketch, Lumogo and Hayley decide to go on an adventure throughout the city of Nowhere.
  7. We Be Pimpin'A new person named Locky joins The Jam. Brandon is quick to judge him for his pimp attitude, but the group realizes there may be more to him. 
  8. Normal ActivityRumors of a ghost's presence shakes up The Jammers. Dark and Brandon decide to get to the bottom of what's going on here. (Halloween Special)
  9. Picture Frame: Dark gets framed for a bank robbery by an unknown criminal and Brandon has to get him out of jail either by using public speaking or a full-on heist. Eventually the identity of the crook is revealed, foreshadowing for the very next episode. 
  10. The Demon's AwakeningA criminal known as Hellspawn returns after his banishment a few months prior to the show's beginning and it's up to the group to stop him, but he's more powerful then he seems. (Mid-Season Finale)
  11. So SuspiciousThe Jammers go about their daily buisness running erands, but they run into several similar-sounding people. 
  12. There Ain't No Rest For The Sweg PalsLenneh and Kontrast are tired of being wacky side characters so they break the fourth wall and ask the producers to give them one. They have to tell the producers a good enough idea. Eventually they suceed, their memories are wiped and they get thier own episode.
  13. TempleLenneh and Kontrast are derping through a jungle and uncover an ancient artifact with the words "Inner Sweg." They have to go through a temple filled with traps, puzzles, and monsters to unlock inner swag.
  14. The Perfect Gift: It's Christmas, but looking back Brandon feels like he's been a bad friend after being reminded of all the pranks he pulled. So he tries to buy everyone else in the gang the best gifts he can find in hopes of gaining some form of forgiveness. (Christmas Special)
  15. The Curse of the Demon Part 1 - An Unexpected JourneyHellspawn is back and now can use a curse that reverses the personalities of anyone he lays it upon. Now The Main 5 and Hayley must venture into the unknown and stop Hellspawn. 
  16. The Curse of the Demon Part 2 - Desolation of HellspawnThe heroes have been turned against each other by the curse, but can an unlikely duo of heroes save the day? 

Season 2Edit

There are 30 episodes in this season. Includes the Overlord Arc.

  1. Night Visions: The characters have nightmares, retelling some of their bad memories before the start of the series. Made as a contrast to the Season 1 Opener. (Season Opener) 
  2. The Overlord: TBA

Season 3Edit

There are 30 episodes in this season. Includes the TBA arcs.

  1. Without Them: The fellow Jammers have to get used to the absence of the main 5, and survive without them, and even the Sweg Pals have some thinking to do.
  2.  The Normal Pals: The Sweg Pals realize how everyone thinks they're weird and try to get closer to the Jammers by conforming, and have to learn a lesson about being themselves.
  3.  We Just Decided To: A mysterious attack destroys what was left of the fellow Jammer's enthusiasm, when Hayley discovers a home video made by the Jammers documenting their times and relationship.
  4. Army of Darkness: Artemis begins the next phase in her plan, which is brainwashing the King's soldiers to add to her own personal army. Meanwhile, The Amphibian Squad prepare themselves for another heist.
  5. The Blade: A robot named Razor Blade comes to The Jam to deliver a message from his master Artemis. A fight breaks out between Razor Blade and Tommy, but a mysterious newcomer arrives to their aid. 
  6. Oh No We Didn't Part 1: Tommy is on a mission along with his band of mercs the amphibian squad. They must transport several torrented copies of the interview from the silk road to the pirate bay, and must evade the cops on their journey there.
  7. Oh No We Didn't Part 2: The amphibian squad has been busted,can they bust the heads open of the guards and bust them and the copies of the interview out of jail? Well bust out your tv remote and bust the buttons to the channel this show airs on and find out.
  8. Oh No We Didn't Part 3: They've made it to the bay but typically the cops are already there. Can the amphibian squad get the copies on a ship and make it out alive? probably.
  9. Mind Games: Five people wake up in a mysterious, distorted reality with no memory of who they are. Meanwhile, Artemis brainwashes Hayley and plans to destroy The Jam.
  10. Time To Fight Back: After the destruction of The Jam, the remaining Jammers and Hamclub head to The Amphibian Squad headquarters to discuss a plan. 
  11. Crossroads: The five people meet and must regain their memories to try end escape the prison reality.
  12. Return of the Champions: The main 5 return, but still refuse to talk to each other and it's up to the fellow jammers to get them back together. 
  13. Waking Up: Reunited, the Jammers have to finish what they started and defeat Artema.
  14. Fight To The Finish: With almost all of the Jammers brainwashed, the Main 5 and the Sweg Duo join the ranks of The Amphibian Squad and infiltrate the new Jam, which has been recreated to be a fortress made for battle.
  15. Simmer Down, Part 1: The Jam rebuilds and the main characters get back together again. Without a cataclysmic threat to deal with, things seem to be going quite well.
  16. Simmer Down, Part 2: Follows the side characters. Hayley feels regretful for what she did while under Artema's control, and the others are struggling to adjust in a new place with new Jammers being introduced. 

Season 4Edit

Features 15 episodes. This was the last season.

  1. A Hellish Finale: Hellspawn unleashes an army of creatures to reign havoc on Nowhere, and it's up to Dark to stop him. This marks the last chronological appearance of Hellspawn in the series. 
  2. Kontrast Dies!: Kontrast gives up.
  3. Truth:  The final episode. The hivemind is destroyed and a new world begins.  


Main CharactersEdit

  • Dark: Dark is laid back and enjoys meeting new people, but can get impatient or angry real easily.
  • Brandon:  Brandon is sarcastic and can make a joke out of anything, but he has a strong sense of justice and morality. 
  • Fandro: One of the more popular kids at The Jam, Fandro doesn't think highly of himself and is usually only seen talking to himself or Sam early on in the series, but he opens up later. 
  • Sam: Fandro's best friend. Sam tries to cheer Fandro up when things are going wrong, and he is overall a big optimist. His friendship with Fandro has caused them to be shipped together by other characters, causing massive ship tease. Rumored that they will get together near the end.
  • Sketch: Sketch is a young boy with a big imagination, he tries to be kind and nice with everyone, however he can be a bit lazy at times. Sketch can be a bit shy at times and hates being judged.

Sweg PalsEdit

A duo who hangs around The Jam, known for their wacky humor and oddness. Commonly used as in-jokes and gags to contrast with the main cast. Their humour also tends to be very meta. 

  • Lenneh: Lenneh recently joined The Jam. They like moopets and they're swag pals with Kontrast. Calls chickens hairy eggs.
  • Kontrast:  Kontrast is a sarcastic kid who spends most of his time at the jam. Is sweg pals with Lenneh, and thinks SInging Avocado x Sprocket is otp.

Fellow JammersEdit

Other characters who hang out around The Jam.

  • Hayley: A nice and cheery girl who always wants to be a part of the conversation, but sometimes she doesn't understand what's going on, which frustrates her.
  • Lumogo: He's autistic and calm, and most people like him. 
  • Danni: TBA
  • Tommy: An all nonsense merc who leads the amphibian squad.
  • Xaton: A creative and nice guy that doesnt try to stand out of the rest, just to have a good time and make friends. He can sometimes have a weird sense of humor, but most of the time people get it, sometimes. But he can get really angry if nobody listen or want to hear what he's saying.
  • Locky: slam bam take your man locky is the basketball dude who is always chill and he is also sarcastic and also pretty boring most of the time but he does his fantastics slam dunks every once and a while


  • Hellspawn: A vicious criminal with demon powers, Hellspawn is one of the few recurring antagonists in the series and was introduce midway through the first season.
  • Artema: The villain of the Overlord Arc, she was formerly a Jammer who went too far in her activism and was banned from The Jam, causing her to attempt to take over Nowhere.
  • Maske: A master of disguise, whenever he gets banished he always comes back under a new persona, and his true personality is a mystery.
  • Ultroid: A shapeshifter who has come back many times, he eventually enters a portal to his dimension and traps Tommy and Sketch in there, resulting in them having to go undercover to defeat him.
  • Kiyoshi: Leader of a Japanese clan and the villain of "Made in Japan", he leads an army to kill the authorities and take over Japan.

Authority FiguresEdit

Anyone from goverment and political figures to simply workers at The Jam.

  • Hamclub: A cheerful worker at The Jam, Hamclub always makes sure that his customers are having a good time. He can sometimes be clumsy though.
  • Nick: A very serious person - often ridiculously so. Has a bit of an obsession with hats. He works at The Jam with Hamclub. 

Background CharactersEdit

Fantendo users that didn't get to appear in the show will appear in the background as cameos in a similar vein to Friendship Is Magic.


Character ThemesEdit

  • Dark: Fall Out Boy - Young Volcanoes
  • Brandon: Lazio Bane - I'm No Superman
  • Sketch: Panic! At The Disco - Nine in the Afternoon
  • Sam: TBA
  • Fandro: TBA
  • Hayley: TBA
  • Danni: TBA
  • Lumogo: TBA
  • Tommy: KONGOS - Come With Me Now
  • Sweg Pals: TBA
  • Hellspawn: Maroon 5 - Animals


DVDs of the show started being launched after Season 1 was half-way through, these DVDs contain high quality versions of the episodes plus some extra goodies.

Name Episodes Extras Released around...
Not-So-Random Access Memories All of Season 0 and Not-So-Random Access Memories Season 0 has reworked voice acting, DVD includes animatics for deleted scenes in Not-So-Random Access Memories. Halfway Season 1
The Curse of the Demon Picture Frame, The Demon's Awakening and The Curse of the Demon Part 1 and 2 Extra scenes and plastic figurine of Hellspawn. Season 2 Opener
Ain't No Rest for The Sweg Pals! Ain't No Rest for the Sweg Pals, Temple and The Normal Pals Plastic figurines of Kontrast and Lenneh. Season 3 Halfway
Oh No We Didn't! Army of Darkness, Oh No We Didn't Part 1, 2 and 3 Tommy's mask, art of the Amphibian Squad. Season 3 Finale

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