Developer(s) Blender Maximum
Publisher(s) Marvel Entertainment
Platform(s) Wii U
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Media Included Game Disc

For the game developed by Clover Entertainment, see The Invincible Iron Man.

The Invincible Iron Man is an upcoming action-adventure video game developed by Blender Maximum and published by Marvel Entertainment. It is currently set to be the first game in the Marvel Gaming Universe, followed by Stardust Citadel's Ant-Man video game. The game is set to be released for 8th generation consoles such as the Wii U, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game is primarily based on Marvel's Invincible Iron Man comics.

Tony Stark, genius billionaire and CEO of Stark Industries, has been kidnapped by a man named Wong-Chu and his forces along with Ho Yinsen, who has saved his life after a life-threatening incident by creating a device that attaches to his chest. Forced to build weapons for their common enemy, they have now started building one of their own: the Iron Man armor. Tony successfully escapes using the army and takes down Wong-Chu and his forces, but Yinsen's life is lost in the process. Returning to his company, Stark soon finds out that a man is trying to steal technology from his company, but nobody can see or touch him. Tony upgrades the Iron Man armor to take on this "Ghost," becoming inspired to fight crime with the suit. However, Wong-Chu has apparently areturned from the dead (or is it someone else?) and is now sending his forces to fight the Iron Man. Stark now needs to find Wong-Chu before he finds him, and, to add to that, Iron Man is still being haunted by the mysterious Ghost.




The main hub world of the game is Stark Tower, where players can access different missions, levels, and armors. The player primarily controls Tony Stark in one of many Iron Man armors. The basic functions of these armors include allowing him to use energy repulsors, fire missiles, and fly. However, using these actions uses Iron Man's power which needs to be recharged. Different parts of the armor can go offline when the power is low or when it is damaged, meaning that they cannot be used. If the armor goes completely offline, Tony Stark will be "defeated" and will have to restart or exit the mission or level.



Character Description
Tony Stark / Iron Man
James "Rhodey" Rhodes / War Machine
Virginia "Pepper" Potts / Rescue


Character Description
Harold "Happy" Hogan
A close personal friend and assistant of Tony Stark, Happy Hogan is the first person Tony calls to rescue him after escaping Wong-Chu's prison. Upon saving him, Hogan becomes one of the first allies to learn that Stark has secretly created the Iron Man armor. Happy is married to Pepper Potts and tries to warn Tony of any threats, helping him piece together the Mandarin's clues. He is also able to communicate with Tony while he is in the Iron Man suit via a device made by Tony.
Edwin Jarvis
Edwin Jarvis was hired by Howard Stark as a "housekeeper" for Stark Tower. Although he doesn't have the best relationship with Tony as Jarvis reminds him too much of his father, Jarvis still remains loyal to him, assisting him in times of need. When Tony suits up, Edwin mostly attempts to keep other people as far away from Iron Man's battles as possible to avoid injuries or deaths of innocent people. He also takes of Bruce Banner throughout the story, keeping him calm.
Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner / Hulk
After the Hulk is defeated by Iron Man and War Machine, he reverts into Bruce Banner, explaining that he last remembers that he tried to save someone from getting hurt at the Gamma Bomb testing site. Thunderbolt Ross and the government want to contain the Hulk, but Tony Stark takes Bruce into hiding in Stark Tower to keep him safe and to avoid him turning back into the Hulk. To thank Tony, Banner agrees to help him design new Iron Man suits and find enemies' weaknesses.


There are a total of 16 levels in the game's main Story Mode.

Stage Description
IronUprisingLogo Playable Characters: IconIronMan


Boss: Wong-Chu

TheGhostLogo Playable Characters: IconIronMan


Boss: Ghost

WidowsBiteLogo Playable Characters: IconIronMan


Boss: Black Widow

SnowStormLogo Playable Characters: IconIronMan


Boss: Blizzard

HeroesofWarLogo Playable Characters: IconIronManIconWarMachine


Boss: Crimson Dynamo

AHauntingNightLogo Playable Characters: IconIronMan


Boss: Ghost

CrashingLogo Playable Characters: IconIronManIconWarMachine


Boss: Madame Masque

GammaExplosionLogo Playable Characters: IconIronManIconWarMachine


Boss: Hulk

LunarEclipseLogo Playable Characters: IconIronManIconRescue


Boss: Moonstone

TheAgentsofAIMLogo Playable Characters: IconIronManIconWarMachineIconRescue


Boss: N/A

DoomsdayMachineLogo Playable Characters: IconIronManIconWarMachineIconRescue


Boss: Ultimo

AStrongForceLogo Playable Characters: IconWarMachineIconRescue


Boss: Force

MeltdownLogo Playable Characters: IconIronManIconWarMachineIconRescue


Boss: The Melter

TowerTantrumLogo Playable Characters: IconIronManIconWarMachineIconRescue


Boss: Killer Shrike

AttackonStarkTowerLogo Playable Characters: IconIronMan


Boss: The Mandarin

WorstNightmareLogo Playable Characters: IconIronMan


Boss: Ghost


Missions are unlocked after the main story mode has been completed. These missions are downloaded from the internet for free, and one mission is released each month. There have been confirmed to be a total of twelve missions. As opposed to regular levels, players can enter missions with any playable character and any unlocked armor. These missions feature classic Iron Man villains and follow a different story supposedly centered around Iron Man's quest to find the Mauler.



Character Description





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