The Inukane Abridgney Company
The current logo for The Inukane Abridgney Company.
Type of Company Mass media
Founder(s) InukaneYumiko
Founded at/in June 13, 2014 (Richmond, Virginia, United States)
Area(s) Served Worldwide
Owner(s) Chennes Kowas
No. of Employee(s) OVER 9000!!!
Subsidiaries AbridgeBC

The Inukane Abridgney Company, commonly referred to as Abridgney, is a web media company that creates media to parody and abridge The Walt Disney Company's works. On June 13, 2014, User:InukaneYumiko/Abridgney bio founded Abridgney to fuel her passion for movie creation. Today, Chennes Kowas owns Abridgney because InukaneYumiko is dead. Abridgney makes all sorts of web media, like web shows, video games, comics, books, music, and more, but mainly specializes in creation of feature films for the Internet (especially animated ones).


See also: Timeline of The Inukane Abridgney Company

2014-2015: Big ideas and studies

InukaneYumiko founded Abridgney on June 13, 2014 as the sole worker, in hopes of hiring other people to help her make five- to ten- minute productions for the Internet. These would be on three YouTube channels: Abridgney XD, Abridgney Channel, and Abridgney Junior. Her first planned shows were Sofia in the Universe, MILEY'S BREAKFAST NEWS, and Mickey Mouse Hellhouse. Unfortunately, nobody was interested in helping her, and Inukane had virtually no animation experience.

However, she only thought that her failure was because she made too many shows at once. Therefore, Inukane decided to make a half-hour feature by the name of Snow White and the 7D. However, nobody would help her here, either, and she didn't have enough skills to make a thirty-minute feature in a year.

After a conversation with a relative, InukaneYumiko realized that she had to start small, so she made several studies, the first being a two-second animation of a bouncing ball, made by scanning in drawings and organizing them in Synfig Studio. She made several more studies, including walk cycles, run cycles, magical girl transformations, and more. By the summer of 2015, Inukane was ready to begin her vision via a five-minute animation.

2015-2018: Alice's Blunderland and Oswald Writes Operas

InukaneYumiko still couldn't find anyone to help her by the end of middle school, so she had no choice but to create her first work by herself. She started up the Abridgney website, [], on July 5, 2015, announcing her first public animation, Alice's Blunderland. This small show, consisting of one episode, featured a young girl named Alice who fell down a rabbit hole and into a mysterious anime world named Blunderland. Inukane animated everything in the special. On January 19, 2016, Alice's Blunderland was uploaded to the website, Google Drive, Google+, and YouTube. The video performed poorly, only gaining about 100 views.

Nevertheless, Inukane didn't give up. She crafted another series with the help of a fellow animator named PhoebePlus. Announced on January 29, 2016, Oswald Writes Operas would star a rabbit mutant named Oswald, who dreamed of writing operas and saving the world with his mutated friends. The show was planned to last 52 episodes, but the characters resembled that of Tokyo Mew Mew so much that Mia Ikumi, the series' illustrator, sent a cease-and-desist letter after Season 1 ended. InukaneYumiko and PhoebePlus had to take the video off of the sites it was uploaded to (the Abridgney website, Google+, Google Drive and YouTube).

Both Alice's Blunderland and Oswald Writes Operas were created in grayscale and were silent. That was probably why everyone hated them.

2019-2025: Mickey Abridged Mouse and Filly Symphonies

After the failure of Oswald, InukaneYumiko decided to create a character to abridge and parody Mickey Mouse, called Mickey Mouse. However, she realized that nobody would be able to tell the two apart, so she named her character Mickey A. Mouse (the "A" stood for "Abridged"). Since creating cartoons in color would take twice as long as cartoons in black and white, InukaneYumiko still kept color out of her animations, but since the viewers hated her silent films, she recorded sound and background music with the series.

In early May of 2019, Abridgney's website announced the premiere of Abridgney's first public sound film, Mickey Abridged Mouse, which would star Mickey A. Mouse and chronicle his adventures in the afterlife, which starts when he drowns in Steamboat Philly, the first episode. Steamboat Philly appeared on Blogger, Google Drive, YouTube, and Google+ on January 13, 2020. The parody was so silly and noisy that even though it lacked color, it was an immediate smash hit. Steamboat Philly received almost 200000 views on its first three days. Since YouTube pays its users $2 for every 1000 views, InukaneYumiko and PhoebePlus received $40 to share. They used the money to buy lots of paper and their own domain, which is used to this day, []. Mickey Abridged Mouse continued in grayscale for its first seasons, then lasted seven more seasons in color before finally becoming defunct, leaving Mickey A. Mouse as a viral web character. Abridgney received over $30000 from Mickey Abridged Mouse by its series finale.

In September 2020, PhoebePlus left Abridgney to pursue a job at Google in college. InukaneYumiko continued The Inukane Abridgney Company in her college years, however. She also hired a few college animators to continue Mickey Abridged Mouse.

In April 2021, at about the same time as Mickey Abridged Mouse turned to color, announced their first ten-minute series, Filly Symphonies. Not only would the first Filly Symphony, Showers and Bees, parody the Silly Symphony Flowers and Trees, it would also include characters from The Hub shows My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Littlest Pet Shop. Showers and Bees was released in song and color on December 29, 2022, gaining over 9000 views on its first day.

After InukaneYumiko's college graduation in June 2025, she moved to Japan and bought a condo and headquarters in Kyoto. After this, there were a lot more anime-style features exiting Abridgney's doors.

2025-2028: Snow White and the 7D and Cold War II

InukaneYumiko decided that she was finally worthy of chasing her second Abridgney dream, entering the web feature film industry, in November 2025. Because of this, she cancelled the seventh Filly Symphony and announced Abridgney's first 30-minute video, Snow White and the 7D, on March 7, 2026. The next day, InukaneYumiko set up a PayPal account for and publicly begged for donations to get the big video in "theaters" by April of the next year. There weren't that many donations, so the film was released a month behind schedule. However, once Snow White and the 7D reached, Blogger, Google+, Google Drive, and YouTube, it went viral. Snow White netted 100000 viewers on its first day. On November of that year, the movie was taken down and distributed for free on BluRay and DVD via

In December 2026, Russia threatened to bomb Tokyo, Japan. Although she was American, InukaneYumiko had been obsessed with Japan since she was in kindergarten, and knew she needed to do something to save the country. Therefore, she began making plans to publish propaganda films supporting Japan. By July 2027, 90% of Abridgney's 600 employees were working on war films. Some viral ones included Poopin' Putin and Education is Death (both 2027). Hatsune Miku appeared in several of these shorts, most notably WAKWAKWAKWAK (2028).

2028-2032: Post-war television and the Disney lawsuit

Because of all the anti-Russian propaganda made during Cold War II, InukaneYumiko lost all of her Russian employees. Unfortunately, this lead to Abridgney not having enough human resources to create good films. Therefore, the company had to settle for "package films", or collections of shorts, like The Greedy Triangles (2028) and Aoyama Masaya Sucks (2029). Eventually, they had enough employees to create at least mediocre films. These mediocre films were put into The Real Life series, which contained only live-action films.

2030 was a turbulent year for The Inukane Abridgney Company. In the early part of the year, The Walt Disney Company sued The Inukane Abridgney Company for stealing their characters and making millions of dollars from them. Though the Internet protested against the take-down of Abridgney, the law was on Disney's side, and The Inukane Abridgney Company went bankrupt. This formed "#SaveAbridgney", a Twitter hashtag that trended on Twitter until October 30, 2030, when Disney was boycotted and eventually let Abridgney start up again with donations from the public. On Halloween, about 98% of costumed people dressed as Abridgney characters, and all the Russians who formerly worked at the company were so happy that they rejoined Abridgney.

To thank the public for restoring the company, Abridgney created a lot more viral half-hour films, such as Pinocchio Mew Mew (2031), and Cinderblock (2031). NBC was so happy that they let Abridgney team up with The Coca-Cola Company and air The Horrible World of Abridgney on their channel in 2032. This was successful as Abridgney's first television venture, much to the anger of Walt Disney's grave.

2032-2040: Live-action films that were actually good

Despite the failure of The Real Life series, fans were begging Abridgney to make another live-action feature film. On April 2, 2032, InukaneYumiko announced their dream-come-true on, X-Mew. The parody of Mary Poppins, X-Men, and Tokyo Mew Mew was uploaded on November 18 of that year, and went viral, gaining 10 million viewers in its first week. X-Mew was "sold" on BluRay and DVD on February 28, 2033.

Since X-Mew was such a big success, more live-action films were created between 2033 and 2040, such as 20000 Pees Under the Sea (2034), Ol' Dater (2035), and Kagamine Twins on an Island (2038). However, X-Mew got a better reception than any one of them, though all the live-action films of the decade were good.

2041-2045: Abridgneyland, Inukane Abridgney World, and the death of InukaneYumiko

As Abridgney continued to make animated features, there were several rumors on the Internet that the company would do what nobody thought they would ever be able to do. It turned out those rumors were right, because on August 27, 2041, announced that they had plans to create an amusement park just outside of Kyoto. The park would have a World Showcase, about 100 rides, stuff for the adults and children at the same time, rides other than roller coasters, and even a monorail system. Abridgneyland opened to the public on July 3, 2043, bringing over 10 million visitors in its first two days.

Even with the success, InukaneYumiko wanted more. She secretly scouted people to help build an American amusement park named Abridgneyworld. Sadly, on May 2, 2044, InukaneYumiko died of brain cancer before she could see her second amusement park. A freshman in college, who happened to be InukaneYumiko's niece, Chennes Kowas, took over The Inukane Abridgney Company after her death. Kowas renamed Abridgneyworld Inukane Abridgney World to honor InukaneYumiko and her work. The theme park opened to the public on June 13, 2045, the 32nd anniversary of The Inukane Abridgney Company.

2045-2052: 3D films, especially X-ELSA

Abridgney shifted focus in late 2045 to films made using the 3D modeling software Blender, versus the 2D paper they usually drew on, with the September release of Wreck-it Kisshu. More films followed, such as Wrangler (2048) and Nina Needs to Go: The Movie (2051). However, in 2052, Abridgney had their highest-grossing production yet: X-ELSA.

A parody of Frozen and X-Men, and an animated prequel to X-Mew, X-ELSA chronicled the adventures of mutant, ice-powered Elsa Rongoe, the princess of Arendale. The video went so viral that it became the most-watched YouTube video of all time, finally beating Gangnam Style.

Now, Chennes Kowas and The Inukane Abridgney Company is planning even more. This will be revealed when the time comes!

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