The Hooded Boy is the pilot episode of Fantendo - Side Stories.


The episode starts with a battle scene. Unten, Palmman, Cura, and Quartz are seen battling against a squad of armored robots.

As the group seems to be beating the robots, they self destruct and deal massive damage to a nearby house. It is revealed that this whole scene is being watched through the eyes of a young child.

The scene cuts to a few weeks later, Cura is walking down the road when she finds a strange boy in a hood walking down the street. Cura, concerned walks up to him.

“Hi there fella, are you ok?” Cura asks nervously. The boy looks up and sees Cura’s face, and immediately turns his back. Cura is confused.

“Are you OK? What’s wrong?” Cura asks, concerned and confused. “I don’t want to hurt you-”

The boy suddenly turns around, glaring at Cura, with tears in his eyes. “Just like you didn’t want to hurt my family, right?!? All you do is fight and fight, without any concern for anyone else!” he yelled, on the verge of tears.

Cura suddenly felt like she was hit by a truck, remembering the broken and exploded house. She hadn’t even thought about the ramifications of the battle, especially due to all the war and fighting going on.

Cura tried to think of something to say. “I’m… I’m so sorry, I didn’t, I didn’t-” Then the boy cut her off, angrily.

“You can’t understand! You’re just a robot! YOU’RE JUST LIKE THEM!” And with that, he ran off.

Cura could barely sleep. All she could think about was the boy she saw, his home broken, and all this constant war that never seemed to end. She never wanted to be in this endless battle, all she wanted was to make people happy. That’s what she was programmed to do… right?

The next day, Cura walked past the same road, hoping to find the hooded boy and try to talk to him. Luckily enough, the boy was standing near the same place, with nowhere to go. The boy must have seen Cura, because he turned around and pulled his hood all the way down, so it was practically covering his face.

“Um… hello?” Cura said. “Please don’t run away, I just…” Cura struggled with what to say to the boy. “I just wanted to say… I’m really sorry. I… I feel horrible about what happened to your home, and… I’ve just never felt this way before. Everything is so… new to me, I guess.”

The boy stood there, seemingly in thought. “It’s fine. It… it wasn’t your fault.”

“Is there… anything I can do to help you? You don’t have a home and-”

“No, I’ll be fine. Thank you though. M-my name is Jonas, by the way.” said the boy, and he walked off.

Cura wouldn’t see the boy named Jonas again, not for a long time. But she would never forget about what happened…


  • Cura
  • Unten
  • Strafe
  • Quartz
  • Jonas

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