The Homework is the fourth episode of The Psychic Crew. It first aired on February 10th, 2015.


Austyn comes home from school with one sheet of homework. He walks inside and says hello to Kirby, who is on the kitchen table eating a snack. He then goes upstairs and plays on his SNES. The screen abruptly changes to say, "One hour later..." Luma comes into his room and says that he should go ahead and get his homework done early. Austyn responds and says that he has things to do. Luma then asks him what he has to do, and Austyn says, "Uh...... stuff?" Luma makes him do his homework, and Austyn just procrastinates instead. The rest of the episode shows what he does, and at the very end, it shows him sitting in class, and his teacher asks him, "Austyn, where's your homework?"


  • The procrastination attempts that Austyn made included playing the SNES (Super Mario Kart, specifically), talking to the teacher (really Sarah) on the phone, climbing a mountain, putting on Lucina's Mask and taking it off over and over again, reading a book upside down, looking at a computer, watching TV, playing the drums, and playing chess with Kirby.
  • The classmates in Austyn's class included Marx, Skull Kid, Mikasa Ackerman, Robin Williams, and other classmates that cannot be seen.

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