Gentlemen and gentlemen, today we got the perfect pitch idea.

The Hollywood Executives is a TV comedy series produced by Locked TV. The show takes place in Hollywood in an unknown movie company, centered around three executives, Dan, Steven and O'Donnel who are looking for the perfect pitch to make their multi-millionare movie. The show is a parody to movies, movies stars and basically everything around movies.

It premiered on February 11, 2015.



  • Dan: The main protagonist of some sorts. Once the executive of Disney, he was kicked out after the failure of the John Carter movies and decided to create his own movie company and do his own shit in there. But, he doesn't knows how, so he hires O'Donnel and Steven to help him out.
  • Steven: A sane person who always questions Dan's choices in the pitches that he pick. Often sarcastic and sometimes it has nice ideas, but Dan's ego don't let him put them out.
  • O'Donnel: A weird man that is somewhat weirder than Dan. Always agrees with Dan and always disagrees with Steven, but lacks his own opinon.


Season 1

No. in
No. in
Title Info
01 1 Matrix Riveting Because the other two sequels were such necessary films, here's a third one.
02 2 M. Night Shamalyan's Michael Bay Boom.
03 3 Titanic II There's a boat named Titanic~
It suffered the same fate as the other one~
04 4 Bambi III: Return of the Mom She's back.
05 5 Even Wilder West Can't be worse than the original one... right?
06 6 Harrison Ford's Hairy Adventure In Mars Dan discovers drugs and films a film anyway.
07 7 The Flintstones Meet the Geico Caveman Dan gets the rights for one Flintstone character and the Geico caveman and decides to make a crossover.
08 8 Dark Spongebob Chronicles Spongebob is too kiddy. Dan is going to edge it up.
09 9 Big Hero 12 Because 6 weren't enough.
10 10 The Fault Is On Our Planets Fuck you Venus.
11 11 The Divergent Series: Transperent Still a worse love story than Divergent.
12 12 Michael Bay's The Avengers Boom.
13 13 Godzilla Meets Obama In Space.
14.1 14 The Lawsuit, Pt. 1 Dan gets a lawsuit that may ruin his career.
14.2 15 The Lawsuit, Pt. 2 Dan gets a lawsuit that may ruin his career.


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