The Hip Hop Dance Experience 2
Developer(s) INIS, Land Ho
Publisher(s) Ubisoft
Platform(s) X Box 360


Wii U

Release Date(s)
NTA-November 4th,2013

JPN-December 3rd,2013

EUP-November 4th,2013

STA-November 26th,2013

1 to 4 PLayers
Genre(s) Dance Hip Hop
Media Included 1 X disc X Box

1 X disc Wii

1 X disc Wii U

This is the second and the sequal of the Hip Hop Dance Experience and has the same rules but more added.

The game is ONLY avalible in these THREE platforms: X-Box 360 Kinect and Wii and Wii U.


The game is exactly like the orignal game. Although there are new features added. All are (1-4 Players who can join)

  • Party! : Hip Hop through the list of songs avalible for the option for you to dance.
  • Story: Travel through all the songs of Hip Hop and beat the other dacers.
  • Dance Marathon: Non ending Marathon of your hard dances. 
  • Skooling: Learn dance by dance step by step and the entire song.
  • Dance Battle: Battle against to your friends by three songs.
  • Mini-Games: Dance through Mini Games of faviorte choices.

    - Create: Create your own dance.

    -Freeze Frame: Dance through a song every time it freezes you freeze and more advance it gos such as Spin,                                       

      Clap and Dance. 

    -Picture perfect: Get all moves of HYPE! and not below, if below they restart the move again and again.

  • Wardrobe: Customize your avatar with cool clothes,pants,etc. NEW is the height and age.


The list contains more then 50 songs. A total of 58 songs are in the gameplay. The diffculty of the songs can reach 

1-Simple and Cool to 5-Quick and Diffcult. All of the songs are in random order IN THIS LIST. In the game it features it by diffculty 1 to 5.

Song Artist Diffculty
Waterfalls TLC 1
Every Girl  Young Money 2
Memories  Kid Cudi 4
Bucky Done Gun M.I.A 3
O.P.P Naughty by Nature 3
Whomp (There it Is) Tag Team 2
Hit Me Off New Edition 1
Started From The Bottom Drake 3
Aint to Proud To Beg TLC 4
What About Your Friends TLC 4
Hypnotize The Nortious B.I.G 3
Who Am I (Whats My Name) Snoop Doggy Dog 4
100 Miles and Runnin` N.W.A 5
How To Survive in South Central Ice Cube 2
Teach Me How To Dougie Cali Swag 5
King Of The Hill Westside Connection 1
Scary Movies Eniemem ft. Royce Da 5`9 1
Still Dre Dr. Dre 1
Stello 702 3
Whatta Man  Salt N Pepper ft.En Vouge 4
Push It Salt N Pepper 3
Poison  Bel BiV Devoe 4
Humpin Around Bobby Brown 5
Jump Around House Of Pain 4
Jenny From The Block Jennifer Lopez 2
In Da Club 50 Cent 3
Blame It (On The Alchol) Jamie Foxx 2
Turnin` Me On Keri Hilson ft. Lil Wayne 3
The Real Slim Shady Enienem  5
Let Me Blow Your Mind Eve ft. Gwen Stefani 1
Let Me Ride Your Biclye Skyler Grey ft. Enieme 2
Dance with Me Deblah Morgan 2
Bug A Boo Destiny`s Child 5
Most Girls P!nk 3
If I Told You That Whitney Houston ft. George Michael 2


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