Story Mode /  Multi Player Story / Survival Mode

In every mode there is a different story, between the Story Multiplayer, or survival.


The virtual world is under attack, it's time for the heros to take a stand. Become a hero of your choice and fight enemies to take back what has been taken over!!! Wake up in the training center and start swordplay with Marth, then defend yourself, and the other heroes on your first battle against King Boo who was trying to stop the heros befor they could become stronger). After defeating King Boo, you must find the keys to the back door while trying to avoid the Bomb Boo search team in the hallways. After escaping the training center, find the heroes that have already escaped.

Only all of the Heroes can defeat all of the Villans...

Later while fitghting the third boss you see rusling in the bushes and three other heros that help you beat that boss, then when you turn to thank them they are gone.


This game has real time battles from every angle since the game is 3D. Block and attack to gain energy to use the main character's Type of magic. The ammount of EXP earned by taking down each enemy ( 1 EXP point ) is the ammount of skill points you can use for skills, upgrades to weapons and magic, or use it as money and buy new weapons armor and outfits.

Multiplayer Story

To start, everyone picks a character, then, you and your friends are immediately put into the action!

You and your friends are thrown into a fighting arena, forced to fight every enemy and try to find the secret trap door that leads out to the woods. Hide from the enemy search team in the woods and find the way to the training center, all of the heroes are held there. But what those heroes didnt know, was there was only one hero in that training center. That just broke out and found his way too the woods.

We need to follow that hero (the host of the game says) he might be able to help us.

During the entire multiplayer mode you are trying to follow the main character that you first used in the story mode. Getting trapped in caves and fighting off bosses to protect yourself, your friends, and the hero of the story mode, even though the hero looks suspicous (No hero travels in these woods alone) you help then hide since you dont know that he could just be an enemy that looks like a hero...


You must try to survive onslaunts of enemies, with every 10th round being a boss. The rounds get harder each time. Can you play till you get to 100 rounds 200, 300, beat your high score and show up on the leaderboards.

Multiplayer Survival

On this four player Co op survival mode. You must try to survive onslaunts of enemies, with every 10th round being a boss. Come up with a team name and press play. The rounds get harder each time, the more players there are the harder the difficulty.

Map Maker

A simple tool to make maps that you can play on in survival modes.


Every new round there is a boss battle. Survive against one boss, then in the round after that, the same boss and another different boss. The next round is the same adding on a new boss untill you have to fight all of the bosses at once for the last level. If that isn't a chalenge than i dont know what is.

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