The Heroes of Universes
Developer(s) Shade Studios
Publisher(s) Shade (tbc)
Platform(s) Nintendo Retro System
Release Date(s)
See here.
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) TBA
Media Included NRS Disk

Who Doesn't Like A Good Adventure...

It's true. Who doesn't like a good adventure? Why can't there be a game that you can have characters from all different games, fighting against the villains of other games? Well now there is...


The villains have taken over other games to take over the video game world, but we were prepared. The heroes of those games have formed a league that was made for this very problem. Buy pets that are used to protect you as an NPC or another co op playable character.Sinwatica is the main continent that the game is played on shown to the right---

Upgrade your hero and customize it with armor and outfits that keep your hearts up.

Buy or use your characters starting weapons to inflict more damage to your enemies.


Main Page: here.


Main Page: here

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