The Harvest Chronicles
Developer(s) InukaneYumiko
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Genre(s) Fantasy, Platformer, RPG
Spinoff(s) Muffy-chan
First Game Dream Into Eternity
Most Recent Game Dream Into Eternity


The Harvest Chronicles is a currently one-game series of adventures based on the Harvest Moon series the came to various Nintendo platformers. Though it is primarily based on Harvest Moon DS, it involves some first-party and third-party Nintendo characters, such as Kouhai and Senpai from Double Date, the 4th minigame in Rhythm Heaven Fever.

Its sole game, Dream Into Eternity, is a platformer RPG. In other words, it's a platformer with emphasis on the story elements. Each game is planned to consist of at least one act, each about one character or item in Harvest Moon DS.

List of Games

Dream Into Eternity

This game has two acts, HERO and MUFFY. In the HERO act, a farmer man is depressed over his wife, Muffy, having gone to sleep, having never woken up since. However, when the farmer enters the secret Level 1000 of the third mine, he discovers a plot known as Project DIE, and they know about Muffy. Also, there are many glitches spread throughout the game worlds, and the only way they can save them is to solve a mystery in the most dangerous universe of all: the real world. This game has been released for the DS.


This game received positive to mixed reviews. While it was stated that "the first game was amazing and he didn't know what to expect next", critics loved "the plot twist between the acts". Although some "couldn't wait for the sequel", many criticized the game for "focusing too much on Double Date". The average rating was 8.5 out of 10 stars.


An audio drama was released to parody Dream Into Eternity, involving Muffy criticizing the story for making her do the "corny" stuff in the game. This drama was created by an active hater of the series.

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