The Gypsy (New Fantendoverse)


The Gypsy Cosmic Form

The Gypsy, a teller of truths and the futures.
Full Name The Gypsy
Current Age Unknown
Gender Female
Species Deity
Class Gypsy
First Appearance "The Gypsy" blog (introduction on the wiki)
The Gypsy is a name of a cosmic deity that appears in several "formes", her forme being dependent on the planet she decides to visit. Her real name is unknown at the moment.


E.A.R.T.H Forme

She appears as a dark skinned woman with two red orbs close to her. She has a blue ring that comes through her shoulders as well as a string of yellow beads coming out of her hair that hang on the top of her head. She has brownish hair that seems rather messy. She wears a typical gypsy outfit with red boots.

T.R.U.T.H Forme

In her true form, she looks somewhat similar to that of a robot. A giant gold ring seems to be in front of her, and she has a head made out of gold. She has a white "jacket" that doesn't go past her arms or the top of her torso. She has golden hands. Her body then goes into a rubbery black material that continues to her left leg. Her right leg is made out of a white stone and a eye with glowing red cracks decorates this ornate leg.

Background Info

Role Description

The Gypsy is a traveling deity that goes around in a form that most inhabitants of a planet would be comfortable with. She can tell the future and almost any prophecy. She can also act as a lie detector, able to see through nearly any lie. She tends to show up where needed but does not stay at planets for very long.








The Fan


The Enemy