There is only so much a child of The Gypsy can do. While there are no limits to me, the same cannot be said for my children of Fantendo. They have limits. More or less, I decide what road they must take to see me once again.
The Gypsy

"The Being", "She Who Leads The Heroes", or "The Gypsy" is an all-powerful being that resides between the Fantendoverse and the real world. The users on Fantendo are known as her children, and are constantly aided by her to choose the right path to go down.


The Gypsy is said to have no appearance. She is known as a voice inside people's heads, telling them where to find her. Only one has seen her, and that's Plumber. He has never come back to tell the tale.


Not much is known about The Gypsy. She is said to be a wise woman by her children. She does lead them down the right path, whether it be peaceful or filled with war. She knows more than anyone in the universe.

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