The Guardians
Leader(s) Draven (currently)
King Entei (formerly)
Align Good
(Notable) Members
Current members:
Skyler the Riolu
Klip the Piplup
McKayla the Servine
Draven the Gallade
Jett the Grovyle
Ryker the Electabuzz
Maxen the Excadrill
Axel the Infernape
Beretta the Swellow
Drax the Druddigon
Francesca the Chansey
Blaster the Blastoise
Ronan the Sneasel
Asher the Scyther
Naomi the Ambipom
First Appearance Legend's Wake
Latest Appearance Legend's Wake
To defend Pokéworld from evil

To find other Gala Pokémon

The Guardians are a group of a special type of Pokémon known as Gala Pokémon. They are stronger than even Legendary Pokémon and wield abilities that regular Pokémon don't have. They are tasked of defending Pokéworld from evil. Throughout the Legend's Wake series, the team has changed drastically.


Current members:

Former members:


Once, when King Entei has just gotten the throne, he had a Zoroark sorceress named Sheeva. One day she betrayed him and attempted to cover Pokéworld in eternal darkness. Her plan was becoming dangerously close to prevailing. King Entei knew that only Gala Pokémon were strong enough to defeat her. He assembled a team—that which he would later name "the Guardians"—and led the Gala Pokémon into battle against the evil witch. The cost was great, but the Guardians were able to defeat her and seal her deep within the earth. The emotional toll of letting some of his closest friends die was almost too much for the king. He knew that they had gotten lucky, and that Sheeva would surely rise again. He started a program that took in other Gala Pokémon and trained them to be able to fight against threats like this, should another one ever come again. His first student was a Kirlia (now a Gallade) named Draven. Gala Pokémon are usually treated with suspicion, and this was no different for Draven, who was kicked out of his home when his green head started turning gray. The king trained him and made him into an extremely talented warrior. As a reward for doing so well, the king gave Draven a Dawn Stone, which made him become what he is today.

King Entei took in more Gala Pokémon and trained them. With the training, they also received food, shelter, compassion, and family. One day, he took in a young Riolu named Skyler. The Riolu showed promise, but he was more focused on having fun than training.

And then, finally, Sheeva returned and tried once again covering the world in darkness. Skyler went off by himself to battle Sheeva, thinking he could defeat her single-handedly. He met many other Gala Pokémon and reunited with the new generation of Guardians. Together, the team was able to defeat Sheeva and stop her plans of corrupting the One. With Sheeva now completely defeated, the team disbanded, but some of them promised to join again if a new threat would arise.



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