The Guardian's Temple

The Guardian's Temple at the edge of the island.

The Guardian Temple is an ancient temple on the deserted island and the final level in Critter Fighters: TropiKILL Castaway. It seals the ancient curse that Sarah Mcromp and Nima are trying to dig up, both unaware that it could destroy the world. The temple is being powered by a water source via waterfall connected to it. It has alot of deadly traps to stop anyone from unleashing the cursed demon trapped deep in the catacombs.

The Small Gang explore the temple to stop Sarah and Nima, only to get attacked by the cursed entity ordered by Sarah to dispose them. The heroes luckily defeated the curse who retreats back to it's seal, which causes an eruption and water begins to flood the temple.

The Small Gang escaped unharmed, while Sarah and Nima were left to drown in the chasm. The temple then sinks deep underground and gets buried by falling boulders, sealing away the curse for good.