The Guap Squad
The Guap Squad series logo
Developer(s) Green Productions
Publisher(s) Fantendo Publishing Ltd.
Genre(s) Adventure
First Game The Guap Squad

The Guap Squad series is a 3D adventure game where Guaptain and his Squad have many different objetives, but always has to do with saving a world.


Game System Description
The Guap Squad Greencube In The Guap Squad, Guaptain and his friends were heading to the beach in a bus when out of no where, a giant swirling vortex appears! The bus comes to a hault! The bus diver tells everyone to get out. When The Guap Squad gets out, they are imidiatly sucked in! The vortex then disappears, with no trace of Guaptain or his friends. When they wake up, they find themselves tied up in a dark room! They then see a big robot come near them. "Welcome to my leader's lair," The robot said. "Why did you trap us here?!?!" Guaptain asked angirly. "My leader has been trying to take over Fun Town for years! But with you five out of the way, taking over Fun Town will be a snap! "These ropes won't hold us for long!" Bob yelled. "Exactly, that's why I'm dropping you out of the helicopter!" The robot said with a grin! "WAIT, WHAT?!?!" They all yelled in shock! "Oh, and by the way, my name is Mr. O." Not that it matters or anything" Mr. O said snickering. He opens the hatch, and they all fall out, except for Mr. O. Guaptain is then found in Grassy Plains, without the rest of the squad. Then out of nowhere, buzsaw hits Guaptain's ropes, releasing him. He then decides that he must find his friends and save Fun Town.
The Guap Squad II: The Legend of Wild X Greencube In The Guap Squad II: The Legend of Wild X, it seems as though Eviltons are up to no good, as they have stolen the 8 jewels of life. They were protected by Wild X. He asks The Guap Squad to get them back and will give the anything there hearts desire in return! After the events, you find out that you were actually tricked and The Eviltons were trying to stop Wild X from destroying the world.
The Guap Squad III: The Truce Greencube In The Guap Squad III: The Truce, Wild X has recovered after being defeated. In rage, he is once again trying destroy the world. It seems that he's so much more powerful, neither The Guap Squad nor The Eviltons could stop him alone! In order to save the world, they descide to team up and take down Wild X!


Character Description
Guaptain Guaptain is the main character of the game, being as the team is named after him. He's a very balenced character. His main weapon is a Mini-Laser Gun. He can use a giant lazer gun as a special move!
Bobtain Bobtain's short name is Bob, but he likes Bobtain better. He is Guaptain's best friend. He has better speed but worse jumping skills. His main weapon is shooting fire balls. He can use an NES to summon a giant pixel version of him to crash down as a special move!
Joe Joe is Bob's cousin and a good friend of everyone else in the group. He's from Texas. He has more power, and has less defense. His main weapon is throwing a sheriff star. He can use his pet bull as a special move.
Ashley Ashley is the only girl in the group. Guaptain has had a crush on her since Kindergarden, but no one knows of this yet. She has better defence, but lower power. Her main weapon is throwing electric lipstick. She can use a giant hairdryer to blow and burn the enemies as a special move.
Tim Tim loves to pretend he's a DJ. His mom got him a Sound Studio for his 8th birthday, and has loved it since! His main weapon is throwing discs. He has the best jump, but the worst speed. He can use his Sound Studio for his special move.
Andy Andy is the newest member of The Guap Squad. After getting blown into a hole, he was revived by Mr. O, who also turned him evil. After beating the game, he turns good and joins the squad. He has balenced stats. His main weapon is using a mini robot. His special weapon is summoning a big hole that sucks nearby enimies in!