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Developer(s) GreenProductions
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Greencube
Genre(s) Action/Adventure
Release Date(s)
Mid 2016
Age Rating(s)

The Guap Squad is a game that's going to be released on the Wii U in Mid 2016. It's the first installment in The Guap Squad series. It's being developed by Green Productions.


This game is 3D adventure game for up to 5 players. You have to adventure through short, but challenging levels. There are many traps set up for you, with the most common one being a Smiling Cupcake. You can switch characters during the game in 1-4 player games.


One day in Fun Town, Guaptain and his friends were heading to the beach in a bus when out of no where, a giant swirling vortex appears! The bus comes to a hault! The bus diver tells everyone to get out. The Guap Squad get out, but are imidiatly sucked in! The vortex then disappears, with no trace of Guaptain or his friends. When they wake up, they find themselves tied up in a dark room! They then see a little robot come near them. "Welcome to my leader's lair," The robot said. "Why did you trap us here?!?!" Guaptain asked angirly. "My leader has been trying to take over Fun Town for years! But with you five out of the way, taking over Fun Town will be a snap! "These ropes won't hold us for long!" Bob yelled. "Exactly, that's why I'm dropping you out of the helicopter!" The robot said with a grin! "WAIT, WHAT?!?!" They all yelled in shock! "Oh, and by the way, my name is Mr. O." Not that it matters or anything" Mr. O said snickering. He opens the hatch, and they all fall out, except for Mr. O.


The Guap Squad

Picture Name Description How to Unlock
Guapster Guaptain Guaptain is the main character of the game, being as the team is named after him. He's a very balanced character. His main weapon is a Mini-Laser Gun. He eats a turkey leg and becomes Super Guap as his special move! Default
Bobie! Bobtain Bobtain's short name is Bob, but he likes Bobtain better. He is Guaptain's best friend. He has better speed but worse jumping skills. His main weapon is shooting fire balls. He can use an NES to summon a giant pixel version of him to crash down as a special move! Complete Grassy Hills
Joe (The Guap Squad) Joe Joe is Bob's cousin and a good friend of everyone else in the group. He's from Texas. He has more power, and has less defense. His main weapon is throwing a sheriff star. He can use his pet bull as a special move. Complete Grassy Hills
Ashley (The Guap Squad) Ashley Ashley is the only girl in the group. Guaptain has had a crush on her since Kindergarten, but no one knows of this yet. She has better defence, but lower power. Her main weapon is throwing electric lipstick. She can use a giant hairdryer to blow and burn the enemies as a special move. Complete Grassy Hills
Tim(The Guap Squad) Tim Tim loves to pretend he's a DJ. His mom got him a Sound Studio for his 8th birthday, and has loved it since! His main weapon is throwing discs. He has the best jump, but the worst speed. He can use his Sound Studio for his special move. Complete Grassy Hills
Andy Andy Andy is the newest member of The Guap Squad. After getting accidently hit falling off a cliff, he was revived by Mr. O, who also turned him evil. After beating the game, he turns good and joins the squad. He has balanced stats. His main weapon is using a mini robot. His special weapon is summoning a big hole that sucks nearby enemies in! Complete the game


Picture Name Description
Shop Keeper Shop Keeper Shop Keeper runs The Item Shop. He sells items to Guaptain and his friends. If you talk to him a lot in the Character Lobby, he might even start giving out items for free!
Builder Builder Builder helps by constructing special structures for The Guap Squad!
A Yellow Circle with a headband Jocker Jocker helps out by challenging the player to a race or box braking competition. If you beat him, he gives you a special power to help beat the level.
A Blue Rectangle That One Neighbor His real name is Bert, but people call him That One Neighbor. They call him that because all he does is give you a nearly useless item and kills you if you talk to him 3 times.
An Orange Hexogon with a Red Cape and Black Mask. Hexo-Man Hexo-Man helps out by destroying all of the enemies on screen that are defeatable, then flies away. You summon him by stepping on an orange switch, which sets off a light with his shape.
A Purple Star with a Black Bowtie Star Dude Star Dude helps out by telling a joke and somehow bangs on the ground so loud laughing, it moves the stage, making it easier.
A Pink Heart with a Little Purse Lovely Lovely helps by restoring all of your health. She is the hardest shape to find! She is also the only girl shape!
A White Diamond with Giant Teeth Tyler He only appears in the final world! He can shoot fire, ice, and spikes at enimies! He only stops when every enemie is killed, or after 25 seconds!


Level Picture Name Description How to defeat
Midway Showdown Mr O. Redesign Mr. O Mr. O can punch with his arms, uses his rocket feet, and shoots smoke out of his chimney! He's a robot made by an unknown scientist. In order to defeat Mr. O, you have to try to relocate the black smoke (The smoke that follows you) into his mouth so he starts coughing, causing him to fall over. You have to shoot his chimney with your main weapon, before he gets back up. Just watch out for little smoke clouds that appear when he's down. Repeat this 3 more times, and Mr. O is done for!
Square Town Square-do Square-do Square-do is the ruler of Square Town. Well, he's the current leader, anyway. He captured the real ruler, drained all his powers, and turned everything evil! He loves attacking by shooting the three spikes on his head like missiles. He also can turn his wheels into monster truck wheels and tries to run you over! He also uses help from his Square army. To defeat Square-do, when he uses his monster truck wheels, you have to go close to the, edge, then when he charges, move out of the way fast, causing him to fall off. Then jump onto him and punch one of his spikes.
Electricity Company Electro-dude Electro-dude The owner of an electrcity company. Shocking, am I right? Bad puns aside, Electro-dude is very shocking! He almost always has an electric base surrounding himself! He can shoot lightning, turn the lights on and off, put a burning spotlight on the player with a 3 second delay, and for a short time, will disable his shield to try and roll over his opponents. To defeat Electro-dude, when he goes into ball form, you have to run towards one of the 3 power panels on the walls. When he tries to roll over you, quickly run causing him to crash into the power panel. Once all 3 power panels are destroyed, Electro-dude will shut down, followed by him exploding!
Dragon Dojo Ninja Dragon Ninja Dragon Yes, he's a dragon Ninja Dragon is what he likes to call himself. His real name is very embarrassing. Being the leader of the dojo, he is the master of all the Minor Ninja "Dragons". He often has them give him back up, but also uses many karate moves and even can try and flop on you! To defeat Ninja Dragon, when he tries to flop on you, you must have him within range of the gong. If he is within range, all Mini Ninja Dragons will start attacking Ninja Dragon like they think it's time to practice. You must then shoot Ninja Dragon right in the beak. Repeat this 5 times, and he will flop down really hard, causing him to brake the floor. You will find yourself surrounded by dirt, with no sight of Ninja Dragon. Once you dig threw some dirt, you find a little penguin stuck. If you dig him out, you find out he was actually Ninja Dragon, and had been hyptnotised and enlargened. He gives you the power to swim!
All You Can't Eat Buffet BigMouth Big Mouth Talk about a chatter box! This big mouth has no table manors! He can spit food at players, try and bite them, stick it's tounge out as a grab, and can burp giant dust clouds! After being hit twice, he can shoot curry! To defeat Big Mouth, when he opens his mouth to try and bite you, you have to take curry, and shoot it into it's mouth! If done correctly, it will burn it's mouth and start to get angry! Repeat this 4 more times to defeat Big Mouth! It's mouth will disintagrate, causing the ashes to blow into the door lock, unlocking the door and goal!
Return to Grassy Hills Dyler Dyler If you thought Burt was annoying, meet Dyler! The true evil of the 8 shapes, he seems to be hyptnotised. Dyler can shoot lasers, poke you with spikes, shoot fire and ice, and can use the help of the other 7 shapes he hyptnotised! To defeat Dyler, you must turn each shape back to normal. To do this, when he shoots ice, try to get close to a shape. It will freeze them. If he also shoots fire at them, nothing happens. But if he hits it with a spike, the shape will turn back to normal and will super punch Dyler. Repeat this till you've free'd all of the shapes. Dyler will then become unhyptnotised, causing him to become more friendly looking. His name changes to Tyler and brings you to the final world!!!!!


List of The Guap Squad Levels


Picture Name Description
Fire Suit (The Guap Squad) Fire Suit Allows the character to use a variety of fire based moves.
Ice Suit Ice Suit Allows the character to use a variety of ice based moves.
Electric Suit Electric Suit Allows the character to use a variety of electric based moves.
Bomb Suit (The Guap Squad) Bomb Suit Allows the character to throw bombs.
Spring Shoes Spring Shoes Allows the character to jump really high and far!
Mini Potion Mini Potion Shrinks the character, allowing them to find secrets.
Mega Potion Mega Potion The character grows, allowing them to destroy big objects.
Mystery Potion Mystery Potion This potion is mysterious for one reason! The player might shrink, or they might grow after drinking it! There's also a small chance you could lose a life!
Jake TGS-Shape Summoner Shape Summoner Need some items? Need a structure? Need some health? With this, you can summon one of the eight shapes! It is random which one you get, however!


  • The game was originally going to be called The Bob Squad and Guaptain wasn't going to appear in the game.
  • The game was originally for the Wii U, until Nintendo decided to not let Green Productions put games on their systems.
  • There was originally going to only be 4 shapes, Shop Keeper, Advice Giver, Jocker, and Bert.

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