The Green Greens Heist was a nintendo-based DLC Pack released for PAYDAY 2 as apart of the unoffical crossover day

What it gives

  • New Character:King Dedede
  • New Perk Deck:Kingpin
  • New melee weapon:mallet
  • New Primary Weapon:Gordo Cannon
  • 6 New Masks:King Dedede,Dedede Begins,Puffball,the Bad dream,Treasure Hunter,The One-Eyed Monster
  • New Heist:Green Greens Heist

The Heist

"Ok gang,were robbing coke,and lots of it. We've found a weird bright green building full of cocaine disguised as food,our plan is to break through by driving a van through the wall,and grabbing as many bags as we can,twich will be meeting you in a secondary escape van later on.There's too many people there to stealth it,so were going in guns ablaze.Lets roll"

 When you begin the heist you are in a van,the van is driven through the wall of the building(ala the big bank bus escape)and everyone exits the van,you then have to survive the hoardes of cops aswell as having to clear out the several gangsters already there.

Once the van arrives you have the choice to grab some c4 and get some extra cash and blow up the walls,revealing some extra bags of cocaine. Or to escape with what you have.

The Character

King dedede is the 11th character to be added to PAYDAY 2.

he is a schizophrenic who belives he is a video game character from a nintendo game.After escaping an asylum he peformed several crimes of stealing from stores.Bain saw potential and invited him to the group.

The Gun

The Gordo Cannon is a pump-action launcher that launched spiked balls that deal high amounts of damage,it has low accuracy and RoF,and has a rather small ammo supply making it more of a special killer or a crowd controller than a proper weapon

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