"The Great Train Robbery"
Season 1, episode 1
Airdate:  ???
Director: Exotoro
Story: Exotoro
Written &
storyboarded by:
"Witch House"

The Great Train Robbery is the first episode in the first season of Fantendo Now. It is the first episode overall.


While Unten attempts to figure out who he is by exploring the world, the train he gets a lift onto is attacked by bandits and he must team up with the people on the train to take the bandits down. While he is taking down the bandits, he comes across Strafe who is in a similar place in his life.


Written by Exotoro

The episode opens on a train heading through a forest. We see Unten run down a hill towards the tracks and jumps onto a open car. He sits down and sighs.

Unten: Just need some time to myself…
Voice: Hey.
Unten: Who’s there?
Strafe: It’s me. Strafe.
Unten: Oh it’s you. I guess that’s not as bad as some other choices.
Strafe: Like Leah?

Both laugh.

Unten: So, why are you here? I thought you were settling down in America.
Strafe: I got kicked out of my apartment complex.
Unten: Oh.
Strafe: What’s your deal?
Unten: I… dunno. I just need some time to myself. Things have been very fast and sudden lately and I’m just having a tough time transitioning.
Strafe: I guess I get that.
Unten: Do you know where this train is going? I don’t.
Strafe: It’s heading to like… it’s on the tip of my tongue and it’s killing me that I don’t remember it…
Unten: Don’t stress yourself about it.
Strafe: No, I gotta know. It was like Chicago or New York or something…
Unten: Strafe, it’s okay…

We see ninjas running alongside the train, brandishing katanas. Unten glances at them in fear as Strafe is still deep in thought.

Unten: No really, it’s okay.
Strafe: I think it was New York!
Unten: Okay, cool. I need your focus right now.
Strafe: Shoot.
Unten: There are ninjas attacking the train.
Strafe: Oh! That might explain why they were running alongside us!

Panicked screams can be heard afar.

Unten: Come on, let’s go!

Unten attempts to stand up as Strafe does it effortlessly. Unten is still on the ground as Unten begins walking across the outside of the train.

Strafe: Easy does it… Easy does it…

Strafe opens up a door and feels a strong draft of wind push against it. He quickly jumps in and stumbles as he lands, attracting the attention of ninjas with bags of money in their palms.

Strafe: Wow, you guys are quick.
Ninja 1: Well yeah, we’ve already got the train going to Seattle.
Strafe: That doesn’t seem to line up geographically…

Strafe stops to think about it while the ninjas hear heavy footsteps on the top of the roof as well as heavy panting. The top of the train opens to reveal Unten, who jumps down. The ninjas simply swat him away, tossing him against the window.

Strafe: Oh jeez, Unten!
Unten: I’m fine! You do that thing with the guns and stuff!

Strafe pulls out his pistol and fires. One of the ninjas falls over dead. The other ninjas leap into attack.

Unten: Ugh…

Unten gets up and is attacked by a ninja.

Strafe: Unten, there’s too many of them.
Unten: Then I suppose I have a solution.
Strafe: And what’s that?
Unten: This!

Unten unleashes lightning from his palms, shocking the ninjas.

Strafe: Pretty good solution.

Strafe kicks the ninjas off the train.

Strafe: Now what?
Unten: We return the money and start looking for a new home.
Strafe: Where’s Rachel? Couldn’t we just stay at her house until we get one of our own?
Unten: I dunno. I heard she bought a house or something but I dunno where she is.
Strafe: Well, I guess we start moving then.



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