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The Great Mush Festival

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The Great Mush Festival is a level in Yoshi's Story 2. It is held in world 3 to celebrate founding of the town which is Supershroom city.

In-game description

  • The yoshi's had traveled, and then came upon a strange town.
  • This town was not ordinary- the residents were extrodianry.
  • The Yoshi's felt like they had been here before- but alas, the Yoshi's just walked right in.

Level Overview

Toad's were the common enemy in this level. They also appeared in different species- Fire Toad, Star Toad, Singer Toad, Jumper Toad, Screaming Toad, Regular Toad and Ice Toad along with some other non-toad enemies. The Yoshi's had invaded their sacred Mush Festival.

In-game Ending description

  • The Yoshi's felt bad for invading the town.
  • The toads were mad at them this way and that.
  • The Yoshi's made it through, and quickly left.The Toads eventually forgave them Edited by =CHEALSEA JOEL TOAD

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