The Good Goomba is a game by Fantendo, for the Wii U. It centers around a Goomba named Goomby, who used to be one of Bowser's servants. He looked different, so the other minions made fun of him. He decided that he didn't belong there, so he left, and decided to be good. When Peach was taken by Bowser, and Goomby wanted revenge on the ones who made fun of him, he teamed up with Mario and Luigi, to help take back Peach.



Goomby is a pink and blue Goomba, who used to work for Bowser, but left because he was being made fun of.
Goomba New Goomby


The Hero we all know and love.


Mario's Brother.


The Toads are a group of 6 differently colored toads. They help our heroes on the way. The 4th player will play as them, and can switch between them. Each on has a different power. Fire, Light, Electricity, Earth, Water, and Poison.

Rainbow Hand

This is a character that does not appear on screen, but is controlled by the gamepad. The user can draw platforms to get to secret areas in levels, or help the heroes through the level.
Rainbow Hand

Rainbow Hand

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