The Gnarled Family is a game in Fantendo Origins series. It stars Gnarled I and his wife Rose Tree. It focuses more on gameplay then story. It still has a lot of story, though.


The story is not nearly as big as The Fan Commeth.

Gnarled I as a Kid

Fantendoverse was not always created. In fact, the Dumbtendoverse came first. Gnarled I was a little boy then, but he never met his parents. In fact, he never met anyone. He was only a kid. When one day, he was wandering the streets, and he looked up. a tall red being was standing over him. "Wh-who are you?" he asked. "I am The Enemy. I am here to help you." The Enemy grabbed Gnarled I and took him to his lair...

Rose Tree as a Kid

Rose Tree was also different as a kid. For one thing, she lived in the Nintendoverse instead of the Fantendoverse. She was shy, and she lived at an orphanage in Hyrule. One day, a messanger from The Mushroom Kingdom came to see the orphanage. He said that there had been weird tree monsters that were evil reported in the Mushroom Kingdom so Rose Tree had to be kicked out. Rose Tree was sad. Then she found the portal to the Dumbtendoverse. And went in.


Rose Tree and Gnarled I had met eachother. "Please, Gnarled..." said Rose Tree (Gnarled I was called Gnarled back then) "We have to get out of here!" "No", said Gnarled I. "The Enemy says he will show me my parents." "Lies!" said Rose Tree. "It's all a lie. Please, Gnarled, we have to escape!" Gnarled I suddenly heard a noise. He looked up. Above them, The Enemy was talking. "Let's just destroy them...." said someone. "OK" said the Enemy. "We can do that." Rose Tree heard it too. "They mean us." she said.

Saving our Lives

The two were journeying far and wide. Eventually, they found a small little Beorn named Unten. They took care of him for a while, and when monsters attacked, the two sent him to safety into a mysterious lab of universal creation. After fighting the monsters, Rose Tree decided to go and check on Unten. He had been pressing buttons on a machine, and inside a test tube was a small little square and a computer-shaped girl. They were only babies. "What the ---- did you do?" asked Rose Tree. The little Beorn just ran away. Rose Tree and Gnarled I walked away from the lab, as if nothing had happened. Riiiiiite.

Frog boss battle

Chapter coming soon





Direct Sequal

The announced game Gnarled I Future in the Dusk timeline is confirmed as the direct sequal.

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