REMEMBER! THIS PAGE COULD CHANGE DRARASTICALLY! THIS IS NOT THE FINALE VERSION! The Giant Dodongo, is an RP started by furrysnail on Zeldadungeon.


Rento, and Sarah are siblings living with their gaurdian Nick, a goron. One day, they leave for a trip, and meet Ken, Rei, Jun, Ran, Temari, and Himiko. At this moment, there entire world changes. A volcano erupts, and Nick sacrifices himself to stop it, Juns starts hitting on Sarah, and Rento likes Temari. And then Rei turns into a fire demon. And Ken, Jun, and Ran reveal that they and Rei where once the adventurer Link, and that they where split by the power of the Triforce. And more chaos. Including Flame, Rento's pet Dodongo, having the power to grow to extreme sizes. Temari and Himiko, are the daughters of a powerful priestest, and are hunted by their mother's rival the dark Priestest, who wants their Triforce piece. Ken, Jun, Rei, and Ran aren't only Link, but are some of chosen people to decide the new fate of Hyrule, by battling it out in elemental titan like forms. Rento and Sarai's older siblings later appear, Sento and Lin. More info to follow...



Perhaps the main character, though it all is 50-50. He is 12 years old, and is Sarah's brother. He has a pet Dodongo named Flame. He use to live in Holodrum, but it was burned at one point, and he and Sarah lost their parents in a plague, and he lost his eye-sight. His love interest is Himiko.


She is Rento's bro, and is 12. She use to live in Holodrum like Rento, but instead of losing her eye-sight, she lost her hearing.


One of the Link bros, and is 12(Like the rest). He wears a blue Tunic, and has the power of Storms. He can enter the Energy Titan form Fulgar Militis(Latin: Lightning Knight), when needed, by shouting Flux Navitas. His love interest is Sarah.


Rento's pet Dodongo. He use to belong to Sento, Rento's older brother, but was giving to him to keep Rento and Sarah safe. He has the ability to grow to huge sizes with the help of a Triforce Piece.


One of the Links. He wears a green Tunic, and has the power of Winds. He can enter the Energy Titan form Ventus Heroes(Latin: Wind Hero), when needed, by shouting Aer Navitus.


TBA(Sorry! I haven't really paid to much attention on the character!!!)


One of the 4(6) Links. He wears a red Tunic, and has the power of Flames. He can enter the Energy Titan form Flamma Maccus(Latin: Flame Jester) when needed, by shouting Ignis Navitas.


The smartest of the Links. He wears a purple Tunic, and has the power of the Earth. He loves reading, and loves tricking people. He can change into his Energy Titan form Terra Saluia(Latin: Earth Sage) by shouting Lapis Navitas.


TBA(Sorry! I haven't really paid to much attention on the character!!!)


A character who appears later, and is not really a villain, jsut greedy. He wears a black Tunic, and has the Energy Titan form Tenebris Sicarius(Latin: Darkness Assassin), which he changes into by shouting Umbra Navitas.



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