This game is based on 4 ghosts and it is


Ultra Omega

The Worlds

World 1

The Main Floor

  1. Grabbing from the Ghouls
  2. Ghostly Room
  3. Grand ghost corridors
  4. Boss Chauncey

After Beating Chauncey you unlock Snooker to the dog ghost

World 2


  1. Ghoul Maze
  2. Creeping through the passageways
  3. Bony Basement
  4. Crawling into The Boo,s Floor
  5. Boss Boolossus

So then you rescue Jacky and proceed outside

World 3


  1. Bony Park
  2. Graveyard Zone
  3. Ghoul Garage
  4. Boo Pool
  5. Crawling to The kings throne
  6. Boss Luigi With Poltergeist

And they then found the queen of ghosts, who is actually their mother & is not the queen of anything. they also got Haunter.

World 4


  1. Bony Boom
  2. Sneaking Through the walls
  3. secret frost room
  4. Ivy Igloo
  5. Inside the Vacuum
  6. Escaping The Vacuum
  7. Prince Boo

They Are Finally at the Final Floor

World 5

The Roof

  1. Haunted While High Up
  2. ghostly graves up on top
  3. the dead mans room
  4. boo,s base
  5. ghost's castle
  6. the top of the mansion
  7. the final floor
  8. Boss king Boo

After they won they found out that there mom sent them on a mission so she sent them into ghost prison

Final World

  1. Escaping Ghost Prison
  2. Descending to the basement
  3. Boo's Basement
  4. Ghostly Graveyard
  5. Spooky Sneaks
  6. The True Throne Room
  7. New King of The Mansion

Final World

  1. Final Fight

More To see tomorrow

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