The Ghosts of Luigi's Mansion
Tgolm title
the shows title card
Producer(s) Cassie "Hershey" Moats
Genre(s) Comedy, Humor
Opening Theme Portrait Ghosts
Ending Theme Portrait Ghosts (instrumental)
Original Language English, Italian, and much more
Season(s) 1 (currently)
Episodes 10 (currently)
Runtime 50 - Minutes Per Episode
Status running
 The Ghosts of Luigi's Mansion is a TV-Show that was released a few days after Koopalings LIVE.


Shortly after the haunted mansion gets destroyed the Portrait Ghosts (minus King Boo, and Boolossus) gets released from there paintings and builds there own Mansion called "Portrait Ghost Manor" and get back to what they do best.


Main Characters

Melody Pianissima

a beautiful 26-year old pianist who died after eating a posion mushroom and the series protogonist.

Biff Atlas

a 26-year old bodybuilder who died of muscle stroke and serves as Melody's love-interest.


Melody's 72-year old butler who serves closly to Melody and is protecive with her.

Madame Clairvoya

a fourtune teller who is Shivers' ex-girlfriend and acts like the series antagonist.

Recurring Characters

Sue Pea

Biff's 7-year-old neice who died in her sleep and is very closed to her uncle.

Henry and Orville

Twin 5-year-old boys who spend there time waking up Sue Pea

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