The Ghostbusters II MMORPG is an MMORPG made by Simple Studios as their first foray into the MMO genre.

Character Creation

at the start of the game you are presented with 4 Roles









These roles each have different types of proton packs and equipment and a well rounded Ghostbuster crew should have atleast 1 of each Role.

Offense Starts with basic jumpsuit,continous proton pack and 1x muon trap. They are the Ghostbusters on the front lines and most of their skills are based around dealing damage. The continous proton pack is probably the best proton pack for trapping ghosts with the muon trap.
Defense Starts with armoured jumpsuit,pump-action proton pack and 1x muon trap. Their job is to defend the rest of their crew and tank powerful attacks with their high armour and ghost attracting skills. the pump-action proton pack is good at stunning ghosts to be muon trapped.
Support Starts with basic jumpsuit,weak continous proton pack,medkit and 5x muon trap. Support Ghostbusters help from behind the rest of their crew. Healing damaged ones and helping capture ghosts with their high amount of muon traps 
Assassin Starts with camo jumpsuit,long-range proton pack,3x smokebombs and 1x muon trap. Assassins are sneaky Ghostbusters who are viable for picking off powerful ghosts or confusing crowds with smoke bombs