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The Geargolems

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The Geargolems are a race of magic/technological beasts that debuted in Skylanders: SWAP Force. 

Species Origin Unknown
Alignment Evil (sometimes good)
Average Behavior Aggressive
Habitat(s) Various
Fire Geargolem, Ice Geargolem, Air Geargolem, Earth Geargolem,

Tech Geargolem, Magic Geargolem, Life Geargolem, Undead Geargolem, Clock Geargolem, Vortex Geargolem.


  • Fire: Launches a jet of flame before itself to cook whatever's ahead.
  • Air: Uses Air currents to hold foes in place, then attacks with a two-handed slam.
  • Earth: TBA
  • Ice: TBA
  • Tech: TBA
  • Magic (Fanon): TBA
  • Life (Fanon): TBA
  • Water (Fanon): TBA
  • Undead (Fanon): TBA
  • Clock: Constantly spins its arms, even when walking.
  • Vortex: TBA
  • Lightning (Fanon): TBA
  • Electric (Fanon): TBA


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