The GameCube is the final episode of the first series of Super Mario. It aired on 24th April, 2015. This episode features Calvin Harris' song Pray to God and Bakermat's song Teach Me. This episode is also slightly longer than the other episodes in the series.


Main focus

Regular appearance


Bowser opens an amusement park called Koopa World Amusement Park and even hires Tiarer and Bobbert as workers. Most of the characters think it is amazing, especially Rievoah and Chain Chomp, but there are a few exceptions; Luigi admits he was not allowed in by Bowser Jr., Berinda does not trust the Koopas, Peach says that a Koopa theme park has been opened before and it was a scam, and Twila says that Brighton is getting too addicted to the gambling.

Lemmy invities the four to play a game, which they do not like the sound of at first, but they go in. They are in a green, squared room with glass walls, roof and flooring. Luigi gets scared as the room gets lifted nd the area goes dark.

Meanwhile, the Koopas, except Lemmy, introduce the park by standing on a giant Bowser-faced blimp. Bowser then throws Bowser Coins everywhere, saying you need these to play games. Donkey Kong shows up to grab some and give them to Rievoah and Toad.

Meanwhile, Mario is seen locked up in a glass box. Ludwig, who is watching him, demands he stops knocking on the glass. Ludwig then leaves some Shy Guys to watch him.

Toadette is seen sneaking into a Bowser Ticket Eater. Prince Mush appears, with lots of tickets, arguing with Jolene on who actually won them. Mush feeds in the tickets, but Toadette grabs them and the machine thinks that no tickets are getting fed. Mush is left confused, but Donkey Kong shows up with a leaflet with 80 tickets. Toadette laughs when she gets the tickets, but looks annoyed when she sees Mush with the leaflet Donkey Kong gave him.

Lemmy then invites Rievoah to join in a game. Rievoah then forces Toad and Chain Chomp to join her, and a Yoshi also walks in. They are in a similar room Luigi and Co. are in, only it is red instead of blue. They are then lifted up and a light shines. The two teams are shocked to bump into each other.

Bowser comes to the room with Mario in it, saying to the Shy Guys that this is not how they should be treating Mario. He apologises to Mario and asks him who captured him. He points to Ludwig, with Bowser saying that Ludwig must have made a mistake. He then invities Mario to play a team game, which he agrees to.

Police Guy spies on Toadette and Toadokay as they try to open a locked door. Donkey Kong shows up and punches it open for them. Toadette then finds a room with a set of controls in them, which needs a hand scan to operate. Toadokay says she should try it. Toadette tries it, which sets off an alarm, and shuts the door, causing Police Guy trying to find Peach. Bowser comes in, asking how they got in here. Toadette shrugs, but Bowser says they can stay as long as no one else gets in.

Bowser then gathers Mario, Tiarer and Bobbert together to play the game he has been mentioning. They go inside a yellow glass room. With the three teams together, the game starts. Larry shows up, and says that they must race through the maze, solving puzzles to get to the end, and the whole team must make it. They all head off. Bowser gives Mario a shortcut by picking him up and letting him over the other side to grab a key. Mario then makes it over to unlock a door which advances to the next room.

Meanwhile, Rievoah's team discover a locked door. Donkey Kong manages to get in (it is not explained how he did!) to punch the door open and let them through. They discover a strange crystal which Rievoah grabs and puts in her pocket. She tells the others not to tell anyone she took it.

Luigi's team make it to the end first, and Ludwig presents them a gold star each, saying to wait for the other teams. Once the other two teams make it, Ludwig announces the final challenge, a Koopa Shell battle; gets hit just once and you are out.

During this, Ludwig sneaks into the room Rievoah stole the crystal from, only to find he was going to use the crystal to turn everyone into stone, but it turns out it was stolen. Rievoah asks what it is after her team won. Bowser cannot see the crystal properly, and tells her to throw it out of the window. Rievoah does this, only to hear Ludwig shouting "NOOOO!" in the background.

Meanwhile, everyone exits the area. Toadette and Toadokay are also getting escorted by Police Guy. Bowser says that maybe running an amusement park isn't fun after all, and says to Rievoah that he will probabbly close the area. Donkey Kong then shows up to offer everyone home in his monster truck (with theexception of Chain Chomp, as he cannot get in).


Green Room

  • Luigi : "I don't get how I was not allowed in. Mario is allowed in!"
  • Berinda : "He hired Tiarer, and the worst part is, Rievoah loves arcades and theme parks!"
  • Twila : "So does Brighton."
  • Peach : "But... where IS Mario? Have they done something to him?""
  • (Lemmy shows up behind them)
  • Lemmy : "Ahem. Would you like the play a game? You could be a team!"
  • Luigi : "What type of game is... Oh, fine, I'm in!"
  • Lemmy : "Ladies?"
  • Berinda : "Guys, we might as well try it. What could possibly happen?"
  • (Peach sighs as they all go in)

Red Room

  • Toad : "Hey, this looks cool, although the floor is quite slippery."
  • Rievoah : "Just sit down, like I am."
  • (The doors slam shut)
  • Yoshi : "WAAAHHH!"
  • Toad : "Okay, this is a bit..."
  • (The room lifts up)
  • Chain Chomp : "Aarf, aarf?"
  • Rievoah : "Oh, this is interesting!"
  • (The room lights up, the two teams look at each other)
  • Berinda : "Rievoah?..."
  • Rievoah : "Sis?"
  • Luigi : "That Chain Chomp is gonna break the glass!"
  • Chain Chomp : "Rarf!"

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