The Future? is the third episode of Fantendo - Alternate Worlds's first season, and the third episode overall. It was written by Sr.Wario (tbc).


What if Earth suffered a mass devastation?


A wasteland is shown, with various cars in a pile-up, an empty raided gas station, and several makeshift graves. One man in a cloak walks slowly through the ghost town and hops into an old car that he starts up after a few tries. He drives off to a large fortress and removes his cloak, revealing that he is an older Strafe.

Strafe shows up at the entrance and is let in by an old woman before he shows her his ID card. They small talk for a little while before Strafe heads into the fortress and drops down a bag full of water bottles, weapons, and canned food. A woman with grey hair takes the supplies and says that Strafe is their best gatherer. Strafe says it's no problem and calls her Helen.


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