The Fringe was originally conceived by Indi555 as a parallel dimension to the mainstream Fantendoverse, populated by mirror versions of famous Fantendo characters. With the advent of Project Phoenix, it simply became a slang term for the universe within which Indi's mainstream writing is set. It is the setting of both Something Evil This Way Comes and Dark Corners, as well as all of Indi555's original fiction.


The Fringe is made up of many different worlds, a la Kingdom Hearts or The Dark Tower. The worlds vary greatly, with some of them being almost exact duplicates of each other with minor differences, and some being entirely different places unlike any other. This can account for the abundance of alternate earths, as well as the existence of fantasy worlds. Separating the worlds is an endless black expanse referred to as the Void, which is a complete and total lack of existence. The void is populated by many Eldritch Abominations, making travel through it quite dangerous, though it is possible. Black holes are tears in the fabric of reality, and one way of entering said Void. At the center of its existence is a source of infinite energy, called the Nexus. The universe came into being through the natural warring of two rival forces, Chaos and Order, who, while not actually alive in the conventional sense of the word, do maintain a level of omniscient sentience and occasionally take a physical form on the human plane of existence, while in reality, on their own plane, existing as nothing more than a brainless, natural force opposing the other.

Stories Set Within The Fringe

Notable Inhabitants

  • Walter O' Whimsy- A mysterious store proprietor who hawks dangerous magical items to unsuspecting individuals from a curio shop called God's Attic. Or so you'd think if you've just read Indi's original stuff. Long-time Fantendo users should recognize this particular entity as something far more... Resides in all worlds under many different names and in many different forms.
  • Jonathon Hades- A well known and admired global figure. Head of HadesTech Inc., a company responsible for many innovations. Also known for the great amount of good he does in the world. In reality, he is a half demon who aspires to bring so-called "Demonbloods" to prominence. Resides in Earth Prime (Earth 369).
  • Mysterious Caller: An apparent Eldritch Abomination who runs a twisted, world-warping game. Little is known of it as of now, though more will be revealed if Indi ever actually gets off his lazy metaphorical ass and finishes the story.
  • Gordon Powell- A hapless businessman whom Indi555 takes great pleasure in messing around with. The one who has been chosen to save the universe. But he doesn't yet know that. Gordon, not Indi. Would you care for some chocolate milk? Resident of Earth Prime (Earth 369), though has crossed over into many different worlds.
  • Dr. Joseph Trimble- A doctor of psychology who specializes in counseling violent teens. Counselor to Mark Beauchamp. Resident of Earth Prime (Earth 369)
  • Mark Beauchamp- A teenage boy who killed his girlfriend. Suffers from a dangerously split personality. Lives on Earth Prime (Earth 369)
  • Greg Mansby- A massive dick jerkass bastard asshole who comes in possession of a mysterious phone book with mysterious powers... once again, would you care for some chocolate milk? Resident of Earth Prime (Earth 369).
  • Niri- A teenage boy of fifteen who's soul is split between an Angel and a Demon. Also a badass. Resident of the Three Realms (Earth 427).
  • Colthäs- The leader of the Celans within the Three Realms (Earth 427). His essence and consciousness become trapped within Niri.
  • Toby Daily- A not so fortunate customer of God's Attic. Earth Prime (Earth 369) resident. Well, ex-resident to be brutally and quite distastefully honest.
  • Dr. Mitchell Kimble- A geneticist working for Aevitas Technology Inc. on Earth Prime (Earth 369).
  • Dr. Richard Kallhand- A dickish and brilliant scientist who specializes in genetic engineering and manipulation. Head of the Theseus Project at Aevitas Technology Inc. While a native of an unknown variant of earth (Earth 978), he is aware of the existence of and has traveled to many different worlds and variations of earth, Earth 369 being a prominent one. Created by Indi's friend Max Thomas.
  • The Unknown Narrator- The sole survivor of a plague that had wiped out everyone living on Earth 689 (Dead Earth)

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