The Freaks are a group of small-time criminals that used to be members of The Misfits. However, when word got out that they were doing illegal activities just because they could, they were kicked out of the Misfits organization, but the group still stuck together and perform heists on a regular basis.


Character Description
Jack Manson
The brains of the group, Jack is an expert computer hacker and is pretty much the leader of the group. He's the one who plans out everything, while for the most part the others do the dirty work, only stepping in if his boyfriend gets harmed. While he can come across as greedy and sometimes malicious even, there's a heart behind all of that. I think. 
Ivy Holst
A spirit who was sent to hell but escaped into Earth, not because she was given a chance at redemption or anything, she just broke out. Ivy is one of the more serious members of the group, often keeping the others in line. She has the ability to throw green hell-fireballs from her hands, and is a natural escape artist. 
Dominic Steel
Armed with enhanced speed and a sharp wit, Dominic is laid-back and has more lose morals than the other members. He often cracks jokes that at times can be very mean-spirited, but he's still a vital member to the team and leaves no member behind.  
Her real name unknown, "Red" is a sadistic psychopath who has some sort of blood and gore fetish. She at first started her practices of slicing at people on herself, as evident by the cuts on her right arm that she makes very public, but soon moved on to other people. While she is probably the most "evil" person out of the group, the one line she won't cross is killing another teammate. 
Adrian Thomas
An insecure transgender and the boyfriend of Jack Manson, Adrian is equiped with gloves that can form various constructs out of thin-air, an ability that comes in handy at certain times. Adrian is still unsure about what he really is, and his gender change was less about his own discomfort and more due to the fact that he was afraid that Jack wouldn't love him if he wasn't a male. 


The Freaks are set to have their own miniseries that will begin production mid-2016. 

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