The Forgotten One
Ignotus, by Halfy (tbc)
Full Name Ignotus
Current Age As old as time
Gender Male
Species Deity
Location God's Realm
Current Status Alive
Class the Forgotten One
Family and Relations
Time Keepers (creations)
Ability/ies Control over time
The Forgotten One (true name being Ignotus) is a being as old as time itself, said to have been in existance at the time in which Aktoz and Ektaz created the Fantendoverse. Ignotus was always a loyal friend to both Aktoz and Ektaz, often serving as the peacemaker between the two when they would argue. This eventually lead to them granting him great power, with which he would use to travel to the Void, where he discovered the wreckage of a ship, then using it, along with the image of himself, and the essence of time itself, to create the Oracle of Time Keepers.



Personality and Traits

Physical Description


Powers and Abilities





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