"The Forest of Silence"
Season 2, episode 7
Airdate:  ???
Director: Exotoro
Story: Exotoro
Written &
storyboarded by:
"By Candleight"

The Forest of Silence is the seventh episode in the second season of Fantendo Now. It is the twenty-second episode overall.


Unten and Leah come across a strange forest which seems to be located in a wormhole. Half library, half forest, all terror awaits them inside.


Written by Exotoro

Unten wakes up, finding a bunch of books on top of him which he shoves off him.

Unten: Where the hell am I…?

Leah walks up to Unten.

Leah: Oh, you're here too, huh.
Unten: Where are we?
Leah: You might have noticed I didn't answer your question the first time you asked it.
Unten: So you have no idea. Greeeat.
Leah: Anyone else here?
Unten: Hmm.

Unten scans the area around to see nobody else around.

Unten: No.
Leah: Ugh.
Unten: Believe me, I'm not happy about it either.
Leah: I'm just disappointed that nobody's gonna hear my sick burns.
Unten: What, calling me names like “Beehorn” and “Ootan” are now considered sick burns?
Leah: I honestly ran out of bear related names a long time ago. Just running on steam at this point.

Unten presses his hand against his head.

Unten: Let's get moving, alright?

Unten and Leah walk down a forest-path, with flying books all around. Leah walks into the path of one flipping though it's empty pages.

Leah: Gah, get this shit away from me.

Leah attempts to hit it away but inexplicably misses.

Unten: You're afraid of a book?
Leah: Hell no, it's just annoying the utter shit out of me.
Unten: Leah, what doesn't annoy you?
Leah: It's a pretty big list. There's a lot of things that annoy me, there's a lot of things that annoy you.
Unten: Leah, you know I don't like those names.
Leah: Well, I like them.
Unten: Would you like… afford not to be an asshole for once? Like, I swear I'm the only person who's not willing to put up with your endless amount of shit. You were tolerable for oh so long and then you just… became worse. You kept becoming worse and worse.
Leah: Still a better leader than you, I would say.
Unten: Oh what, you think you could lead better than me?
Leah: Eyes closed.
Unten: Fine. Lead me out of here.

Leah squints her eyes as she looks around, coming across a path that seems darker than the others.

Leah: Phh, easy.

Leah walks towards the darker path. Unten follows her.

Unten: Why is this… getting darker? I think it means we're going the wrong way, Leah.
Leah: Look, if that was the case, why do I have such a good feeling about it?
Unten: My god, you're trying to kill me, aren't you?
Leah: No.
Unten: Actually, why the hell am I trusting you at all?
Leah: Because you're an arrogant leader and you think you're better than me so you let me lead you out of here?

Unten hears some distorted sound, slow but unsettling.

Unten: Do you hear that?
Leah: Probably your stomach, Winnie.
Unten: No, no… seriously I swear there was-
Leah: Yeah, do you honestly think I care about what you heard? Come on, let's head further in.
Unten: This seems like a bad idea.
Leah: Well, unless you know where the exit is, I suggest you just let me take this course to it's end.

Leah attempts to try and get some signal, but there is none whatsoever. She puts the phone down and sighs.

Unten: Any luck, “leader”?
Leah: Fuck off.
Unten: We're probably more lost than we originally were. Do you just have a terrible sense of direction or what?
Leah: Hey, while we're insulting each other, let me tell you that you're really pathetic and sad. Really, you asked for a Rachel x Unten fanfic? If you like her that much, just tell her, not that she would even want to go out with a creep like you-
Unten: I did tell her.
Leah: You did? When?
Unten: Like… more than a year ago. Remember when she had the accident and you performed surgery on her?
Leah: You told her then?
Unten: I couldn't hold it in any more.
Leah: Shit, what did she say?
Unten: She wanted to stay friends.
Leah: Well, you probably fumbled it up by saying something stupid to her-
Unten: She liked everything I said about her. She just… didn't want to go down that road with me.

Leah is clearly feeling bad for Unten but she attempts to dig on him more.

Leah: Yeah but did you mean it-
Unten: I meant every word of it! I can recite everything I told her right there and then and add a couple of more paragraphs to it! I know it's not going to go anywhere. I know I need to move on. I know that she deserves anybody but me. But…

Unten puts his head down.

Unten: I just can't. I want to tell her again but I agreed not to. I can pass off a normal conversation with her just fine, but only because I kill myself inside to prevent anything else from leaking out. She knows and she knows I'm trying to move on. It's only a matter of time before she loses patience.
Leah: ...not sure what to say.
Unten: You don't have to say anything because you don't suffer like I do. You're happy with X-Ray. You pined for her so long that she finally took notice and just put it out of misery. I wish that would happen with me and Rachel but- I know it's not.
Leah: Get yourself together, alright? There's only so much time left in the day.

Unten takes a minute to collect himself.

Unten: Right. Let's go, then.

Leah notices a pair of red eyes in the dark. She simply ignores them for the time being.

Leah: Well, as long as we're being honest here, would you miss me if I died?
Unten: Odd question.
Leah: I'm under the impression that you hate me so much that you would be really happy if I died one day.
Unten: I'm not a sadist.
Leah: So you would be okay if I died, entering the void into the next life?
Unten: Well I would be upset, if that's what you're getting at. How would you react to my death?
Leah: Fiesta.
Unten: Excuse me?
Leah: Big party. Fireworks. ICE SCULPTURES.
Unten: You're doing this to fuck with me, aren't you?
Leah: You'll never know, will you?
Unten: I suppose not. I dunno, I don't think you're that bad of a person in all honesty, it's just I would like to see you cut down on insulting me. Being nicer in general, I guess.
Leah: Well, you know that's not happening.
Unten: Why do you hate me, though?

Leah turns around.

Leah: I don't… hate you. Let's get that out of the way. I'm just jealous I guess.
Unten: Jealous? Of what?
Leah: Your leadership, your acceptableness… I don't like who I am sometimes. Not like… now but like who I've become, I guess.
Unten: Something's not… right.
Leah's Voice: Fiesta.
Unten: Leah?
Leah: Yeah?
Unten: What do you mean by “fiesta”?
Leah: I didn't say fiesta.
Unten's Voice: Do you hear that?

Unten and Leah stagger back. Something with wings flaps but they can't see it.

Unten's Voice: I couldn't hold it in any more.

Leah is dragged back by something, disappearing from Unten's view.

Leah's Voice: Eyes closed.
Unten: What's going on?
Unten's Voice: What's going on?
Unten: Who is using my voice?

Something emerges from the bushes. A bookshelf with red eyes, spider limbs and wings.

Unten: I don't… get it.

The bookshelf speaks.

Leah's Voice: You'll never know, will you?
Unten: How are you speaking like that?
Bookshelf: My name is Echeno. It goes without saying, doesn't it?

The bookshelf morphs into a more bipedal form. It runs towards Unten, who begins running himself.

Unten: Where is Leah?
Echeno: She's long gone.
Unten: What did you do, you sick freak?
Echeno: She's being sucked into a black hole. For your punishment though, I thought I would carve some holes instead, right where your eyes used to be would be a good start…
Unten: Why are you telling me all of this? Wouldn't it be a lot better for you just to do it yourself before describing it to me?
Echeno: Unten, you're very helpful, but it's not gonna spare you.

Unten keeps running.

Leah keeps pulling herself from the black hole.

Leah: Okay… hrm.

Leah looks towards the black hole.

Leah: You know… if this was a real black hole, it would have spaghettified me already. Say, I wonder if there's like a “meatball effect” or something.

The black hole falls flat, revealing that it's two dimensional. Leah gets herself free and picks the “black hole” up.

Leah: Oh lame. Yeah, I get it! Words have power, haha! Fuck off.

Unten is cornered by Echeno. Echeno flies towards his face with a knife before he is suddenly stopped.

Unten: Hm?
Echeno: Something's… pulling me in!

Echeno roars as a scream comes from elsewhere. Unten exits the scene and notices a black hole, with Leah next to it.

Unten: Leah?
Leah: Yeah, I'm named that.
Unten: Why isn't the black hole sucking you up?
Leah: Oh get this, I just have to believe it's not really a black hole, because I guess words have power or something stupid and lame like that?
Unten: So… he materialized it out of words or belief or…?
Leah: Do you care?
Unten: Nah.
Leah: Hey… this is the exit I think. You see that blinding light?
Unten: Alright, let's go, I suppose.
Leah: For real?
Unten: Might as well try.

Unten and Leah head into the white light. They land back on Boltzmann.

Unten: So… what was that about?

Sakeena enters the room.

Sakeena: A wormhole passed through the university. Everyone evacuated except you two because you were hellbent on going to sleep.
Unten: Oh.

Unten looks to Leah.

Unten: We're good now, right?

Leah walks away without further word, leaving Unten hanging.


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