Flash's appearance in Justice: Apocalypse.

The Flash is a fictional DC superhero who goes under the alter-ego of Barry Allen.


Justice: Apocalypse

With many of his allies slain by Darkseid's forces, Barry Allen becomes a member of a different resistance team sworn to kill the Apokolips overlords, including Darkseid himself. But with the time machine invented, The Flash takes this opportunity to prevent the errors of the past.

Lego Batman 4: Marvel vs. DC

The Flash is one of the main playable characters of a crossover between Lego Batman (hence the title) and Lego Marvel; teaming with his fellow members of the Justice League, the Avengers, Spider-Man, Wolverine, the Thing, Deadpool, and even a group of supervillains lead by Lex Luthor near the end to defeat Hydra.