The complete story of The First Summoning. To see a rough version of where The First Summoning is based on check out this link.

At this moment only short one-liners are written for the chapters, more will be added later.

Witch Hunters Arc

Chapter 1: The Summoning

Botis trains in the Underworld (Botis tutorial). Ciara summons Botis per accident, Ciara tutorial afterwards.

Chapter 2: The Village

Ciara takes Botis to a nearby mountain village.

Chapter 3: The Underworld

After Botis was forced back into the Underworld he wanders around for some time.

Chapter 4: The Witch Hunters

During Botis' absence the witch hunters find tracks of Ciara's residence and go out to attack her. Ciara must fight her way through and find a place to summon Botis once again.

Chapter 5: The White Bird

After having escaped from the witch hunters Ciara notices a familiar white bird stalking her and eventually sends Botis after it when it flees to the Underworld.

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