Here is a list with all the characters of The First Summoning.


The sentient giant oak tree in which Ciara and her household live. It is at the bottom of a rather large mountain which holds the village of Goulcrest.

  • Ciara - a twenty year old sorceress who strives to become a sorceress even better than her mother once was. She holds the demons under her contract dear to her heart. She is an easy going girl who's trust has to be earned, however once you do you're a life-long ally, or your worst enemy once you betray her. She is an innocent girl for her age and loves to play around. She is terrified of fire despite using it herself.
  • Count Botis - Count of the Underworld, Lord of Venom and one of Solomons 72 lesser keys. Botis is respected throughout the Underworld depsite his childisch behavior at times. He tends to act very bossy and doesn't take kind to authority. When having his new conjurer he acts rebellious and wants to do things his own way, but in the end is easy to control because of his child-like personality. He likes to mock his opponents during battle and often has a menacing look, filled with desire to bite his opponents. He has a habit to lick his lips.
  • Cherub - a chubby bat-like demon who was the first demon to be under Ciara's contract. He is very protective of his mistress as he took her in when he had no one else. He is a very laid-back demon who prefers to do nothing unless it is for his mistress Ciara. He has a down-to-earth look on things and has much knowledge of the surface, unlike other demons.
  • Surgat - a feline demon who was the second demon to be under Ciara's contract, before she summoned Botis. Liek Cherub, Surgat is very protective of Ciara, but unlike Cherub seems to show some affection towards her, often getting jealous of Botis when he and Ciara are having somewhat more intimite moments. He likes to look down at people and has a high pride despite him not being the best fighter around.
  • Robur - the old oak tree where Ciara lives in with the others. He doesn't speak but communicates telepathically with Ciara. He is able to cloak himself as a normal oak tree and keep out trespassers. The only way to destroy him is to burn his roots.

Venom Manor

A place in the Underworld that is the home of Count Botis and his household. It is an old classic British manor, although partly in ruins and very dusty. It is the home of Connir and Die Mädchen der Hölle, a group of five maidens who serve under Botis. They each have their own chamber inside of the manor. They all specialize in a specific something for attacking.

  • Count Botis (formerly)
  • Connir - a simple dog-like demon servant of Botis. He basically is the butler of Botis and has little offensive fighting capabilities. Because of Botis' cruel behavior towards the little creature he has grown himself to be rid of emotion so he wouldn't notice anything of Botis' tormenting. He speaks very monotone.
  • Mädchen von Ketten - the main maiden who specializes herself in attacking with her chains and is capable of using other torturing devices as well.
  • Mädchen von Spinnen - a woman with an archne body, she is incapable of speech and attacks using acid and spiderwebs.
  • Mädchen von Unterkühling - wearing a traditional Japanese kimono and completely covered with a layer of ice. She gracefully attacks with ice magic.
  • Mädchen von Pest - a woman resembling a plague doctor who acts as the assassin of the bunch, being able to hide in shadows and inflict poison with her needle.
  • Mädchen von Tiere - seemingly the youngest but also the most talketive of them all. She wears urban clothes and can shapeshift parts of her body into animals.


Montum is the main village where the main characters live. It is a small medieval village on a mountain and only a few kilometers away from Ciara's household tree, Robus.

  • Rico Alruby - a 26-year old human who lives in a mountain village. For his age he is rather small, and is also one of the few people of color in his village. He is a long-time friend of Ciara, having met her when they were young. Rico is a witch hunter, just like his father, and aspires to become great like him only with a better sense of justice. He sees good in everyone which may work in his advantage or against him. He hopes to see a world where everyone can happily coexist with each other.
  • Lucille - a mysterious woman with a trademark long crimson hair. She claims to be a traveller, starting out from one kingdom and planned to travel to the other kingdom, stopping in various villages. She however decided to settle down in the mountain village where she met Rico and began a relationship with him, 2 months prior to the story. She doesn't reveal much about herself but displays herself to be a kind and caring woman.
  • Ricardo Alruby - the father of Rico, a man already of age, but still very capable of fighting. He is an infamous witch hunter who goes out to seek and kill every witch, demon or other supernatural entity that dwells on the surface. Making use of his supernatural gift to track and communicate with them. Everyone calls him by his surname, Alruby, for unknown reasons. Ciara hates Alruby with a deep passion, and on some levels Rico dislikes his father as well despite always being there for him.

Lunar Forest

A forest in which many various creatures live, hiding themselves from the common human.

  • Aerl - Aerl is like the pied piper, He blows his flute and collects all those death spirits and takes them with him. He brings them to places in the forest we call the white lands. There the Fae gather and play until they are satisfied and can pass onto the next life without regrets'
  • Forest Creatures:
    • Fae - the Fae are the spirits of Childeren who died very young.
    • Nymphs - seducing female creatures that dwell the forest, usually living inside of trees.
    • Will-O-Whisps - vengeful spirits that couldn't pass on.
    • Merrows - sea creatures that live in the waters of the forest.
    • Banshees - screaming spirits that like to haunt, but don't want to pass one.

Moonlight Rose

A secret village somewhere in the forests, quite a bit away from Robus and Goulcrest. It is a cloaked place which only can be entered on a specific way where only witches live.

  • Mother Superior: the leader of the Moonlight Rose witches who also raised Ciara after her mother's death. She is very strict and plays by the rules.
  • Saix, Sia & Sice: three demon children born from Rico and Lucille. After Lucille's death they were taken into custody of the Moonlight Rose cult with them planning to make the demons into war machines to kill witch hunters and threatening species so witches will have supreme rule.


The winter kingdom. More info to come later.

Castle Dantalion

A Victorian English designed castle which once belonged to Lord Dantalion where he lived with his household. It once held many demons but is now abandoned. The wandering people who used to live here are listed here because their exact location is unknown.

  • Lord Dantalion - a mysterious demon in the Underworld who has gone missing and seems to have a past with both Ciara and Botis. He is a tall man who wears a much accessory and is said to be one of the strongest demons in the Underworld, maybe even on term of the Demon King.
  • Rok - a demon who always is at the side of Lord Dantalion. He appears as a young blonde boy who seems rather quickly annoyed by strangers and is irritated with the fact that he is rather small and looks young. He has feathers on his arms and can transform into a white dove at will.


A peculiar place in the Underworld, being the only place where vegetation can grow. No one can enter without the permission of Lady Stolas.

  • Lady Stolas - a powerful demon who rules over the only part of the Underworld where vegetation is able to grow, but is disclosed for other demons. She rules with an iron fist but loves all her children, as she calls them, equally and can feel when they have pain.
  • Matsuko - one of Stolas' loyal servants. He is still a young demon and doesn't have much experience in fighting despite being one of her main combatants in the household and usually gets mocked by the others. He is very insecure about himself and often questions his loyalty towards his Lady.
  • Primrose - an almost mute servant of Stolas who likes to be by herself and is very mysterious about herself. She acts as the assassin of the household.
  • Afnan - one of the servants of Stolas who isn't one of her fighters, instead he is just a regular servant of Stolas who provides her with food and water. He uses his head as tray, or rather his Lady does. He however contains the heart of Lady Stolas and can always resurrect her from the death.
  • Pupina - a weird servant of Stolas who looks very derpy on sight. She talks very weird and usually is used as last resort in battle. She can transform into a horrific creature and might even be the strongest of Stolas' household.
  • Bircherker - a strong brute made out of birch who only fights in hand-on-hand combat. He is a little dimwitted but does care for his fellow household residents.

Treasure Den

A mysterious place in the Underworld which is basically like a giant labyrinth. It is ruled by Barbatos where his minions can lurk around every corner.

  • Barbatos - a wacky and unpredictable foe. His real name is unknown to most but and his rank in the Underworld isn't stated in his title, thus leaving it unknown to others. He rules over a labyrinth in the Underworld where one may come to acquite ascension. By far, Barbatos, counts the most servants behind whom he seems to lurk resulting in no one knowing his true strength or powers.
  • The Fool - his loyal henchman who will get everything for him. He holds the posession of the servant cards and basically does most of the work.
  • The High Priestess - a tall woman wearing a light-blue/white habit, wearing a large crucifix around her neck. She has a pale skin and often is at the side of Fool acting as his direct healer, but also is able to heal from far distances by sending out little angels. She can blind people with her radiant light as well.
  • The Empress - a powerful woman who has the ability to always ascend higher in rank of The Fool and admires him greatly but always underestimates others. She can turn invisible and can hypnotize people.
  • The Hierophant - an elder Greek man who seems to be the wisest among all. He has control over the weather ranging from summer storms to blizzards.
  • The Chariot - a weird entity that resides inside of a chariot and seems to have absolute control over it, perhaps the vehicle even being part of their body.
  • Strength - a gigantic lion that is able to spit fire and talk like a regular human.
  • The Hermit - an old man who always walks with a lantern and a staff and is able to create illusions but has no physical attacks. He always seems depressed as if he doesn't want to do it but has to repent for his sins.
  • Wheel of Fortune - an object that is placed on the balcony of The Fool which, when spun, can create various environments in the labyrinth or might change all the hallways.
  • Justice - a young beautiful man wielding a huge sword and is an expert swordsman. He thinks highly of himself in terms of looks and swordsmanship.
  • The Moon - a woman who wield the power of regeneration and likes to devour her opponents.


These characters have no specific place to call home. Their location is either unknown, or they are deceased.

  • Cecilia - the mother of Ciara who has passed away a long time ago when Ciara was only but an infant.
  • Succubus - a demon that is free to wander the surface and doesn't have any restrictions. She can seduce people and alter her appearance to do so.

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