The First Summoning
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Developer(s) Dark Heart Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) PS4
Genre(s) Open-World RPG

The First Summoning is a video game developed by Dark Heart Games and published by Fantendo for the PlayStation 4. The game was first announced on the Fantendo 9th Anniversary Showcase and mainly relies on a gameplay of switching between the two main characters, Ciara and Count Botis.


The First Summoning is an open world RPG game with hack-and-slash elements. You can take control of two characters, the sorceress in training Ciara and her powerful demon in contract, Count Botis. Both have a different gameplay to them. One cannot simply switch between the two of them as they only can be primarily controlled depending on the location.

Ciara can only be controlled on the surface. She always has a party of three persons, including herself, that follow her on the battlefield. Ciara wields a grimmoire which is filled with various spells, the downside of it is that many pages out of the book have been ripped out. Throughout the story she acquires more pages for more powerful spells. When Ciara doesn't know a spell out of her head she first has to select her grimmoire on the battlefield and search for the spell, which costs a lot of time and leaves her vulnerable. However once she has learned the spell out of her head, a menu in the bottom left corner will display all the spells she knows, categorized in 'Offensive', 'Defensive' and 'Status' the last option displays 'Grimmoire'. Mastering a spell requires Ciara to use it plenty in battle or training. Ciara also has to deal with Magix. The stronger the spell is the more Magix it consumes of Ciara. She also needs to be wary of which moves Botis uses as that also may drain a lot of Magix from her. When she is very low on Magix, Botis will disappear from the battlefield as he requires too much Magix to sustain.

Example of the Flame Arts master system

When going down to the Underworld, one is able to control Botis. During your time in the Underworld Botis will be travelling alone. His style, as opposed to Ciara is more hack-and-slash. His health can quickly be drained when facing stronger demons as he has no healing spells. When using too many powerful spells however may cause him to lose sanity, one has to be wary that this doesn't happen. Once it happens Botis can make unpredictable movements. Botis just attacks with his hands and can select magic spells from the box in the bottom left corner. He is able to summon the Mädchen von Holle, but once they are summoned it is best if Botis himself doesn't attack.

Both Ciara and Botis can also fly. Botis has wings which he can quickly activate to hover in the area. If the plot requires him not too there is an invisible wall in the area so Botis can't ascend too far. Ciara can transform her stick which she uses as wand into a large sized one that allows her to roam the skies. However she won't be able to perform spells during this time.


The game takes place in two main locations, the surface and the Underworld, which both are giant locations. The surface seems to be in a place where technology is behind on other places. Ciara takes residence in a hollow tree that she customized to her own imagination. Around there are multiple villages and two kingdoms. The kingdoms seem to be the borders of this medieval area as beyond that there is thick forest which leads to unknown lands. The village most important to the story is a small mountain village where Rico, Lucille and others reside.

The Underworld is the seconds location and is what one would expect of the Underworld. A dim lighted place with barren ground where no vegetation seems possible. The sky is red and there is a gloomy atmosphere. Several locations throughout the Underworld are 'The Count's Manor' which is Botis' residence. 'Dantelion's Keep' the former residence of a powerful demon Lord Dantelion and the 'Undergrowth Dome' which belongs to a powerful floral demon by the name of Queen Aconitum.


For the complete plot see: The First Summoning/Story

Ciara is a 20-year old sorceress who lives on her own along with two small demons, Cherub and Surgat. She is a sorceress still in training and has a lot to learn. One day she tries to summon another demon to join her household, thinking she was good enough to sustain three demons on the surface. However when doing so something unexpected happened, she summoned the Count of the Underworld, Lord of Venom, Botis. At his summoning he bites Ciara in his viper form, which Ciara later on uses as a permanent link to summon Botis. The demon doesn't want to form a contract with Ciara but after some bonding they decide to seal the deal. Botis promises himself to make Ciara the best sorceress to ever been in existence, so he could proudly say he was her servant.


To see all the characters go to, The First Summoning/Characters

Playable Characters

  • Ciara 
    A twenty year old sorceress who strives to become a sorceress even better than her mother once was. She holds the demons under her contract dear to her heart. She is an easy going girl who's trust has to be earned, however once you do you're a life-long ally, or your worst enemy once you betray her. She is an innocent girl for her age and loves to play around. She is terrified of fire despite using it herself.
  • Count Botis 
    Count of the Underworld, Lord of Venom and one of Solomons 72 lesser keys. Botis is respected throughout the Underworld depsite his childisch behavior at times. He tends to act very bossy and doesn't take kind to authority. When having his new conjurer he acts rebellious and wants to do things his own way, but in the end is easy to control because of his child-like personality. He likes to mock his opponents during battle and often has a menacing look, filled with desire to bite his opponents. He has a habit to lick his lips.

Party Members

  • Cherub 
    A chubby bat-like demon who was the first demon to be under Ciara's contract. He is very protective of his mistress as he took her in when he had no one else. He is a very laid-back demon who prefers to do nothing unless it is for his mistress Ciara. He has a down-to-earth look on things and has much knowledge of the surface, unlike other demons.
  • Surgat 
    A feline demon who was the second demon to be under Ciara's contract, before she summoned Botis. Liek Cherub, Surgat is very protective of Ciara, but unlike Cherub seems to show some affection towards her, often getting jealous of Botis when he and Ciara are having somewhat more intimite moments. He likes to look down at people and has a high pride despite him not being the best fighter around.
  • Aerl
    The leader of the Fae and similar to the pied piper, he blows his flute and collects all those death spirits and takes them with him. He brings them to places in the forest they call the white lands. There the Fae gather and play until they are satisfied and can pass onto the next life without regrets.
  • Rok  
    A demon who always is at the side of Lord Dantalion. He appears as a young blonde boy who seems rather quickly annoyed by strangers and is irritated with the fact that he is rather small and looks young. He has feathers on his arms and can transform into a white dove at will.
  • Matsuko
    One of Aconitum's loyal servants. He is still a young demon and doesn't have much experience in fighting despite being one of her main combatants in the household and usually gets mocked by the others. He is very insecure about himself and often questions his loyalty towards his Lady.

Major Characters

  • Rico Alruby 
    A 26-year old human who lives in a mountain village. For his age he is rather small, and is also one of the few people of color in his village. He is a long-time friend of Ciara, having met her when they were young. Rico is a witch hunter, just like his father, and aspires to become great like him only with a better sense of justice. He sees good in everyone which may work in his advantage or against him. He hopes to see a world where everyone can happily coexist with each other.
  • Lucille 
    A mysterious woman with a trademark long crimson hair. She claims to be a traveller, starting out from one kingdom and planned to travel to the other kingdom, stopping in various villages. She however decided to settle down in the mountain village where she met Rico and began a relationship with him, 2 months prior to the story. She doesn't reveal much about herself but displays herself to be a kind and caring woman.
  • Ricardo Alruby 
    The father of Rico, a man already of age, but still very capable of fighting. He is an infamous witch hunter who goes out to seek and kill every witch, demon or other supernatural entity that dwells on the surface. Making use of his supernatural gift to track and communicate with them. Everyone calls him by his surname, Alruby, for unknown reasons. Ciara hates Alruby with a deep passion, and on some levels Rico dislikes his father as well despite always being there for him.
  • Lord Dantalion
    A mysterious demon in the Underworld who has gone missing and seems to have a past with both Ciara and Botis. He is a tall man who wears a much accessory and is said to be one of the strongest demons in the Underworld, maybe even on term of the Demon King.


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