It's the end for some, and the beginning for others.

The Final Showdown is a fighting game with Locked Gaming characters. Said to mark "The New Generation" of Locked Gaming, this game was made to be the final game for the 1st generation (during Keyhole gaming to pre-Locked Gaming) and an introduction to 2nd generation (post-Locked Gaming).


1st Generation

  • Sentinel (Volt 3DS)
  • Kolcano & Winar (Volt 3DS)
  • Nathan (Angels and Demons)
  • Aria (Angels and Demons)
  • Zap (D-Zolt)
  • Cinnamon (Kirby Squeak Squad HD)
  • Locky (Secret of the Keyhole)
  • Lexi (Secret of the Keyhole)
  • LKY-001 (Locky's Game Land)
  • Okunote (Okunote)
  • Julia (The Survivors)
  • Yurei (The Mystery)
  • Lucas/Lucia (The Card Champion)

2nd Generation

  • Hama (Eternika)
  • Unnamed Deadlock protagonist.
  • Zeus (Powerzone)
  • Sarah (Swift)
  • Jacob (Unsolved Mysteries)
  • Trip (Fallen Eternity)
  • Unnamed new character to be revealed at FHS.
  • Lorean (Fantendo Emblem)
  • Bertram (unnamed new series)

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