The Final Knight

The Final Knight is a story told by Fandraxono.  It focuses on a boy from the present day, Ethonios, as he escapes to the past and battles off the toxin spreaders before it's too late.  This is the second fan fiction that Fandraxono has told, the first being General's Journey.

Flier Description

So, we're right here in the year of 2040. We are focused so much on technology. Then, all of a sudden a toxic plant spilled a dangerous chemical. One person contaminated himself by accident and unwillingly and spread the contamination around, killing all but one. The cities fell apart and the contamination infected the groundwater, which quickly spread to poison the planet. The lone survivor was a 15 year old boy in a knightly suit of armor, and refused to get out of it. He found a time machine that was just completed, and jumped inside it and jumped back to the medieval days to continue his life.

The days passed, and he eventually went on his own adventures. A force that escaped from the present, known as the Contaminators, arrived and prepared to spread deadly toxins that would endanger everyone, including the team itself. So it's up to the fifteen year old Boy, Ethonios, to save the planet from a perilous diaster...and to start a new future!

Chapter One

My name is Ethonios.  There are many problems in the present.  Fatal contamination has killed everyone on the planet besides for me, due to my knight suit.  I found a time machine that took me back to the medieval days, before technology was truly invented.  Trouble is, a team of toxin spreaders, known as the Contaminators, escaped from the present, willing to kill all humanity and animal by destroying the planet.  But I do not want that to happen, so I set out to stop them with nothing but a suit of armor, a plastic sword, a helmet made out of seashells, and clothes made from rags...

I sat out near King Arthur's castle, minding my own business and eating a muffin made from cornbread, hungry from not eating for a few days.  Then two knights, strong and firm, came up to me and demanded my name, and took me away to a FACTORY.  Then I realized that these knights were captured by the Contaminators, and the disease was trying to spread to me.  I kicked my way out of their arms and jabbed both with my plastic sword, killing one and severely wounding the other.  The grass was crimson red and the air smelled like that of fresh blood.

Then a guy in a gas mask came towards me and threw bottles of toxins at me, attempting to kill me.  I was forced to retreat, and I used my sword to deflect all incoming potions.  The world is already plunging into doom, the contamination is already beginning to spread, as I see knights die in the open world as well as bloody massacres beginning. A thought pondered through my mind, saying that while I can run, I can't hide.  There isn't a second left to lose.  

A few hours later, a terror struck my heart.  It is said that around 99.7 percent of the knights died, and only a select few 20 or 30 knights were still out there.  I'm one of the last ones.  I may end up becoming the last.  I can't hide.  I can only run.  There is no time to spare.

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