The Final Encounters Chapter 5 - That Final Ending

Written by Dk64rules.

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The shaking starts. The Void, without Zero's energy to fuel its cores, is falling apart. From behind Colin, Nicole, and the un-corrupted, an invisible fire burns up the land behind them, heading in their direction.

"Come on!" Colin shouts to them, "We at least have to run!"

As they all run away from the inevitable end, Clemethai the Light comes out of Colin to explain something.

"What is it?" Colin asks, still maintaining his speed.

"I need to tell you how this all started..." Clemethai answers, seeing the conditions provide him with a limited time to speak.

"I hope you can speak fast!" Colin says back, dodging flying rocks as the wind picks up. Clemethai starts, as fast as he can.

"Back before the year I was awakened by Seventy Four, I, along all the rest of the Persona Gods, lived in a galaxy a far ways away from Earth and its galaxy. One day in your year 1978, our god of fire found this place while traversing the depths of the spatial realm, or space as you call it." Clemethai is cut off by Colin's path crumbling into floating, platform-like pieces of land. Surprisingly, all of his "crew" make it across.

"We came over shortly after, tinkering with your resources in ways you or any human would never notice. But, we made the mistake of brining along all the gods, including Zero, who sought out to control Dr. Roy Halete, as he was working on the perfect plans for Zero's intentions. A new life, and a new world." Clemethai stops as Colin and crew traverse more floating platforms.

"Around this time, one human named Clemethai Andret took notice of my interest with the sun. For reasons I can only assume as self-centered, he called me out as a god and named me after him. Being a spoiled lad of a rich family, the young adult had his parents buy a piece of land and put a shrine for me there. Mr. Andret was the one who designed the Solar Star and Origin Orb symbols, which I took a liking to." Colin is caught up in a fight with some of Zero's leftover black tendrils. With the help of the others, they overcome the enemies just in time to escape the invisible fire.

"About a year later, Zero corrupted Roy Halete and made him the one you know as Rukalor. I had to seek out a person, anyone who had some drive to bring down Rukalor. But, I didn't have to. Seventy Four found me, and my shrine. I must admit, I was tired of waiting for someone and was about to search on my own just before he came. When we finally clashed with Rukalor, I noticed that Zero made a special helmet for him, one to make Rukalor inhuman and impossible to best in combat. So, I took Seventy and put him into the future as Sixty Four. I didn't even have to lift a finger to make things happen then. They all just...fell into place. Meeting with Jayl, Rukalor's son. Amy giving birth to Eric Four after Sixty's death. But then, there was a problem."

"With Eric's quest fulfilled, and Negative Zero defeated, I withdrew the Light Persona from the Void. However, it was my mistake to think that Zero and Jayl themselves was defeated. Now I had to find another one to make a Light Persona. Luckily, the Four/Altmanti-Cerato line also had a sibling line that had Keyan Four, which I turned into the next Light Persona, as you know. But, it didn't last long. However, the sibling line proved helpful once again, and you came into the world." Clemethai stopped again, as more tendril battles and platforming took place.

"Zero needed you out of my grasp, so he had something happen to your parents' lives with you that made them give you up for adoption. Adoption, by Jayl himself. However, with perserverance, I was able to awaken you by using Will Dontori in the last seconds of his life to tell you where your birth certificate lied in the castle. Now, we find ourselves here. My own mistake of letting Zero come to view Earth caused all this."

Colin and crew stopped at the edge of the Void's land. The invisible fire was getting close. They were going to die.

"Wait, Clemethai, where did the Angel Blade come from?" Colin asked quickly.

"...pure light. Why?" Clemethai answered, confused.

"I thought so." Colin said back, drawing his blade. Getting the idea, Clemethai replaced it with the Angel Blade, and Colin threw it at the fire.

"Oh...he's going to turn back time." Clemethai understood, though that wasn't Colin's intention, Colin's idea was to extinguish the false flames with light, but Clemethai knew something he didn't. With the extinguishing of the flames, the symbolism for Colin's and all the others' inevitable deaths, Colin would purify history, so to speak. By altering fate like that, Colin ended up turning back time to before the Void even existed. Back to Seventy and Anna. Except...

The gods never came to Earth.

Seventy and Anna would live normal lives together, all the people corrupted by Zero were to appear and carry out their lives as they were supposed to. Everything was fine now.

Seventy looked down at his shirt, and saw instead of its blank blue, a star appeared in the center of the torso. Seventy didn't know why, but then he heard a voice which made him recall all the events of what had happened for the duration of the voice's message. It was Clemethai's voice.

"I'm sure you figured out that I was never totally Sixty Four...did you think his quest was all a coincedence? Ha, half of me was actually Mick Cool..."

And then, Seventy forgot everything again.

The End.

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