The Final Encounters Chapter 4 - Zero

Written by Dk64rules.

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Zero's right hand lifted the castle into the air, and threw it at Colin. Using his Lightjump ability, he barely dodged the attack.

"Alright Zero, how can I defeat you..." Colin said, thinking. As he flew over the large field (the Castle City was burned to the ground during the Personas of the Past trial), he caught sight of Nicole, running towards the forests to the north. As Colin flew down to get her, Zero took notice as well.

"So, Colin, tell me how much that girl means to you..." Zero's voice echoed with a boom throughout the land, as his left hand caught Nicole and lifted her into the air. Colin quickly changed direction.

"Unhand her!" Colin yelled to the god of the Void. Zero only laughed, and his hand glowed with purple mist.

Zero was corrupting Nicole, possesing her as Eight did with Amy. However, Colin wouldn't let Nicole become an unbeatable demon. With a blast of light, Zero's grip on Nicole was released, and she started to fall. Colin caught her out of the sky.

"Colin, look!" Nicole said in his arms, pointing towards a large gash on the back of Zero's head. It was surrounded by black, liquid-like tendrils made of Void energy. A simple Light Beam would never do damage to all that concentrated darkness...

Colin would have to fly in and destroy Zero's core.

Landing on the ground, out of Zero's sight, Colin hid Nicole among the ruins of the thrown castle, telling her to stay put and Zero would never find her. As Colin was about to leave, Nicole gave him a kiss goodbye.

"Good luck." she said, trying to hide the fact that she feared for his life. Colin, trying to hide the fact that he was caught off guard by that, simply nodded back to her (since he was a bit speechless) and flew away.

Once inside Zero's core, Colin noticed he was being powered by the years-old bodies of the past Void sub-Personas. Rukalor. Eight Bit. Guyton. Jeshu. And, Jayl Cel himself in the center. As Colin started to burn Rukalor with light, he noticed that the body started...coming back to life. But not as a Void Persona, as Rukalor would've been in his time without the corruption of the Void: a world-renowned scientist.

This is when Colin realized, that Zero's hold on Rukalor and all the others corrupted the future, and made the Void so powerful. Corruption. Violence. Darkness. Those were all segments of Void power. When the light burns away Zero's final hold, their original forms before they were corrupted return.

Roy Halete, scientist currnetly working to perfect artificial life.

Edison Mount, son of elite family Mount, founders of Peace Key City, future mayor.

Guyton is a product of the Void.

Jeshu is a product of the Void.

Jalerd Halete, son of Roy, creates first artificial species off of father's prototype.

Now with Zero completely powerless, Colin radiates a brilliant light from the pure souls of those freed from the Void, and burns Zero's gray shell away into nothing.

Zero is dead.

Lowering himself and the others down slowly, Colin reunites with Nicole, and for a moment, everything is fine.

Until they realize that the Void can no longer exist, and there's no Earth to go back to.


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