The Final Encounters Chapter 3 - Not the Real Enemy

Written by Dk64rules.

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With the final flash of light, Colin is taken to a blank, white room. Jayl stands opposite of him, about 5-10 feet away, holding up his personal katana blade skyward. As Colin starts to run towards him, Jayl performs a spin attack, smashing the white walls to reveal that they are in the field area on the border of Farewood, where they traveled down the lone dirt path to the Revolution Council HQ.

Except, it is on fire. The fire spreads fast, encasing them into a circular area. Colin readies his own sword, and the fight begins.

"Ready to die, Jayl?" Colin asks in a unfitting, calm tone. Jayl is put in rage by his opponent's apparent confidence. However, his no-strategy attacks are no match for some tactical blocking and parrying by Colin. It is easy for Colin to get him into a corner.

"Colin, if you must kill me...don't push me into the fire!" Jayl pleads, as the heat starts to ignite his outfit.

"It appears, Lord of the Void, that you have caught yourself in the flames." Colin says, shoving Jayl further into the border around their arena. With a final scream, Jayl Cel is incinerated.

"Now, why was that easy?" Colin wondered, as the flames died down. While he was standing, thinking, Nicole ran over to him from the destroyed Revolution Council HQ.

"Colin, run!" she yelled.

Colin turned to meet her and saw a purple mist rising behind her. As she instructed, Colin started to run away from the ominous cloud. The voice came back.

"Heh heh heh, Colin, if only you knew from the beginning..." it said, hinting at something Colin didn't know. All of a sudden, the ground disappeared and Colin blacked out.

As Colin was unconscious, he kept seeing flashbacks of certain scenes throughout Light Persona history. Sixty's death. Negative Zero being created. Keyan's death. Jayl Cel's death. Ancient carvings of a being with a head and two hands, watching over the land and the people, as they worshipped him...

The voice echoed throughout them,

"Death is my energy...and I command all that advocate using their power to bring about death for their benefit alone...death for the common good and the essence of good in general is enough to anger me...the Void started as a simple second world, but the power it held...well, I wanted it for my own...I created Void Personas, the ones who also want the Void power that I do..."

Colin, in his state of unconsciousness, understood finally. Jayl Cel was never the real enemy. Just as he is a human capable of wielding the power of the god, Clemethai the Light, Jayl and all the other extensions of Jayl's power; the other Void Personas (who were really sub-Personas in that sense) are under the control of this god, who spoke to Colin after years and years of staying hidden.

Colin awoke in his bed, in his old room, the castle intact and the fires gone.

"Was that all...a dream?" Colin asked himself. As he got up, the Void god's voice answered, as the castle shook, "NO, THIS IS REAL."

Colin ran outside, and saw the figure depicted in the ancient carvings. One head and two disembodied hands, with a grayscale color scheme. The figure was giant, one hand a bit bigger than the entire Grand Castle, and the head the size of a Void Core (a large energy ball that fuels the Void).

The figure spoke with the god's voice.

"Colin, in the past, Eric Four fought the Negative version of me, a smaller, more humanly-proportioned being with the power of all 4 Void Personas and sub-Personas that existed up to then; that would be Rukalor, Eight, Guyton, and Jayl. Now I stand before you, you being the strongest Light Persona in history, ready to end you and your god Clemethai, bringing an end to the light.

I am Zero, god of the Void."

...Read on.

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