The Final Encounters Chapter 2 - The Personas of the Past (Part 2)

Written by Dk64rules.

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When Colin emerged from the flash of light out onto the next arena, he noticed two symmetric letter E's on arms. The symbol of Eric Four.

The voice came back. "Congratualtions Colin, you have earned the Ending E's. Now look around, tell me, where are you?"

The next arena was the large clearing behind the buildings of a city street. It was a dark, cloudy night, with the midnight light of the moon shining through the cloud layer.

"The place where Keyan and Jeshu fought." Colin realized. "The land behind their home."

As Colin realized where he was, Colin's shadow changed shape, now reflecting the silhouette of Jeshu, the awakened Void Persona, and the most recent one at that.

The shadow's hands came up towards Colin, and in a reflex move, Colin jumped back, detaching himself from the shadow, which still held the stance of Colin, even though he moved. That made the shadow materialize into the real Jeshu, covered in an aura of Void Purple.

Jeshu shot a Dark Laser at Colin, making Colin lose his balance and fall back. With great speed, Jeshu ran, hoping to score an easy final blow on the Persona of Light.

Of course, it was just a trick. Within seconds of Jeshu readying his Threatening Blow, Colin sprang up, stopped Jeshu's oncoming darkness-powered punch, and shot him with a beam of light from his other hand. Jeshu lost his stored Threatening Blow power and stumbled to the ground.

Colin finished him off with a continuous Light Beam, until Jeshu disentegrated into the black ash that the others turned into.

"These keep getting easier." Colin noticed. Even though Negative Zero was technically the easiest, Colin didn't notice because he was exhausted from the first battle with Eight.

With a slight annoyed tone, the voice came back, "Colin, you have earned the Diamond of Despair. Only one symbol remains...the Origin Orb, carried by the very first Light Persona, Seventy Four. Once you have the orb symbol, Jayl will return for you to fight."

Another flash of light.

Colin was now on the very first piece of land in the Void, the one artificially created from Earth stone fragments and different concoctions of solid materials made by the mad scientist, Rukalor, who also happened to be the first Void Persona, since he was the creator. Two symmetrical Diamond of Despairs appeared on the cuffs of Colin's sleeves.

Now, Colin knew about Seventy Four. How he couldn't defeat Rukalor, and so the Light God Clemethai sent him into the future to be infused into Sixty Four when Sixty turned 13. If Rukalor was indeed the next one to fight, how would Colin be able to defeat him, when Seventy along with the Light God couldn't?

The signature helmet laid there, motionless, until Colin took a step forward. Instantly, shadow lifted the helmet up, and Rukalor materialized under it, slipping it on his head, obscuring his eyes and nose. The helmet heightened his sense of vibration and sound; he did not need sight to battle.

Now, Colin understood. With the helmet, Rukalor becomes superhuman, able to sense the tiniest movement and strike towards it with homing accuracy. In other words, without the helmet, Rukalor can't fight, because his human senses are untrained. But, how would he shoot the helmet off his head (since he could sense any attempt to do so), and then be able to eliminate the chance of Rukalor recovering it?

Thinking of something, Colin rushed toward Rukalor, and they engaged in a hand-to-hand fight. Rukalor seemed to only be able to act with his hands when blocking attacks...

Colin thought to himself, "If he can only block with his hands, maybe I can surprise him with a kick and then take the helmet in his moment of pain..."

Colin kicked Rukalor in the left shin with his right leg. In the reflexive moment of shock, Colin snatched Rukalor's helmet off his head, revealing his blue hair and red eyes. However, Colin was more interested in the make-up of the helmet. Inside the helm were thousands of slim wires tied back around the perimeter of the inside, connected to microsensors and two screens positioned at eye level for a visual HUD and vibration notification.

Despite being fascinated and admittedly intrigued to try it, Colin threw the helmet to the ground, smashing it into many parts of metal, wire, and technology. Rukalor was easily burned to ash by a single light beam. The Origin Orb appeared in place of the Emperor's Emblem on his shirt.

"Alright voice, I got all the symbols, now give me Jayl." Colin yelled to the sky, with a deadly determination in his voice.

"Colin Four, you have gotten all the symbols, so now it is time to meet your destiny. A fight, with the honorable Lord of the Void, Jayl Cel himself!"

What will be the outcome of the fight?

Who is the voice?

What has become of the Void and the Revolution Council?

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