The Final Encounters Chapter 1 - The Personas of the Past (Part 1)

Written by Dk64rules.

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Stepping back away from Colin, Jayl started the first phase of the battle.

"Colin Four, rise to destroy the Personas of the Past! The ones controlled by the God of Darkness, who had devised this very plan to place me in power that you so unfairly want to destroy!" commanded Jayl, speaking in a deeper, echoing voice.

As Jayl spoke, the top of the tower broke off and started to rise above the Void mainland, into what is known to the Void citizens as the Vacuum of History. Legend says that all the things that happened in the Void can be relived if you pass into the vacuum. However, it is at the discretion of the gods, who live in the vacuum space.

After a flash of light, suddenly the platform is no longer rising. In fact, Colin and Jayl are in the Arena of Shadows, where Sixty fought Demon Amy and Eight Bit many years ago.

"Wait..." said Colin, walking closer to what was supposed to be Jayl, "that's not Jayl."

Again, the voice came back, "No it's not! It is the first Void Persona, Eight Bit himself!"

Eight charged into Colin after the voice finished talking, taking him by surprise and knocking him down to the gray, rocky surface of the arena. Realizing that he must fight Eight to go on, Colin readies his personal dagger, only now as an awakened Light Persona, the small sword has been amplified in power by the light.

"Take this, kid!" Colin exclaimed as he slashed at Eight and parried his counters as well. Within minutes, Eight was down and out. He disappeared with a gust of wind, turning into black ash that flew into the sky with the breeze. But then, the arena shook.

The battle wasn't over yet.

With a loud scream, a giant, flying creature rose from the smoke clouds below the floating arena ground. As the "creature" came into view, Colin realized that it must be Demon Amy. Being a manifestation of Eight's own power, it would make sense that Demon Amy was counted as part of a fight with Eight Bit.

Colin followed Demon Amy's random flight pattern, wondering how he was going to take down something that big. From what he read, Colin knew that Sixty alone didn't defeat her, so how could he?

"Think Colin...what power do you have...wait..."

Jumping off the arena, Colin activated his Lightjump ability, which allowed him to fly in the air, getting closer to Demon Amy. Once Colin caught sight of her, he started to follow, looking for a weak point. Remembering the story, Colin quickly concluded that her weak point would be on her back, where Eight stabbed her to infuse her with darkness and make her into this form.

Flying higher, Colin now had an overhead view of her flight. Locking on to the obvious spot on her back, he shot a Light Beam out from his dagger into Demon Amy. With another scream Demon Amy was reduced into black ash, like Eight before her.

Landing back down on the arena ground, Colin heard the voice again.

"Good Colin, you have exterminated the Void Persona of the Sixty Generation. You have earned the Solar Star, the symbol of Sixty Four."

Colin saw the star symbol appear on his shirt, right where Sixty's was on his shirt. Colin took a step forward, awaiting forward instruction, and faced another flash of light.

Now Colin was in the sky of the Void. He realized he was flying without Lightjump, so it must be part of the fight. Colin then saw a ghostly figure materialize in front of him.

Negative Zero. The voice then came back, speaking through Negative Zero.

"Colin, meet the next Void Persona, Negative Zero. There's only one move required to take him down. Can you find out before you are killed?"

Since Colin was such an avid reader of the Eric Saga in Jayl's history book, Colin instantly recalled the all-or-nothing stab Eric used against Nega. In that stance, flying like a plane with his sword out in front of his face, Colin flew into Nega and burned a hole right through him with the light of his dagger. Nega disintegrated into the black ash.

"That's two down." Colin simply said, as the next flash of light was upon him.

Will Colin survive the next Personas?

Where is Jayl?

Who is the voice?

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