The Final Adventure is a fan-fiction made by C.I.A. Station, Inc, and can't be edited without permission.

Chapter 1: Lucario and the Egg

Lucario walked out of Skyworld. Pit had been a tough opponent, but Lucario smashed him. He kept walking, until he reached 8.0143976632650110748 Crevice, his secret training spot. He placed the Pit badge on his wall. Along with his Mario, Luigi, Peach, Mr. Game & Watch and Ness badges, this was a proud addition to his collection.

Lucario was training when Sir Prinplup and Lady Bayleef came in with a package. It was an egg. When Lucario FINALLY drove them out, he examined the egg. He went back to his training.

Aura Sphere to Force Palm, he had to perfect his moves for his showdown with Wario and Bowser. Then he would rise from Trainee rank to Apprentice rank. He had dreamed of Master rank since his days as a Riolu. Suddenly, the egg moved. But it didn't hatch...

Chapter 2: Lucario and the Showdown

Lucario entered Peach Ice Garden for his match with Wario and Bowser. Lucario was eager for Apprentice rank. Wario came out and mocked him for challenging a Executor rank player at Trainee. Bowser just needed one more ran for Master. He was a Ninja rank fighter. THis just amped up Lucario even more. The match started with Wario using the Wario Waft. Lucario used Extremespeed to catch Wario and used Force Palm, knocking him into Bowser. Bowser shoved Wario away and jumped and slashed at Lucario. Suddenly, when Bowser executed his attack, Lucario vanished. He had used Double Team, and hit Bowser. It looked over. But a Smash Ball appeared, and... well... Wario-Man jumped into the Fray. He punched Lucario, who flew into the wall. It looked over once more. Wario went to finish Lucario off, but Lucario got up and tried to punch Wario. But he was too late. Wario used his Wario Bike and flew out of the Ice Garden. Wario was still in Wario-Man form, so that was serious. Luckily, Lucario ducked. Bowser still remained.

Chapter 3: Lucario and the Transformation

Aura and flames flew like dust in the sky. No fighter even flinched at the crush of a claw, or the force of an Aura Sphere. Then, when both fighters seemed to have had enough, Bowser became Giga Bowser. How wonderful, Lucario thought. Bowser was thrashing around. Lucario had to form an Aura Sphere to stop him. It never worked. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Lucario won.

more to come

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