The Fiend Lord
Fiend Lord
The Fiend Lord's Appearance
Current Age At Least 6 Million Years Old
Gender Possibly Male
Species God
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Tiny Fiends (Creations)

Anti-Lord (Spiritual Opposite)

Ability/ies Conjure, Create & Command Fiends
First Appearance Tiny Fiends
 The Fiend Lord is one of the two presiding deities of the world of the Fiends. It is the creator of the Fiends and along with the Anti-Lord keeps the World's population and Karma at appropriate levels.


Being a God of Creation, Fiend Lord sees himself as a Father to the Fiends and protector of them from the evils of the world. While he has mutual respect for the Anti-Lord and his function in the world, he has a bias towards creation over destruction. Fiend Lord often experiments in attempting to create New Fiends to make the land more diverse and rich with life.

Powers & Abilities

As stated in his title, he is able to create Fiends with his Ancient Elemental Magic. With this Magic he can instil various powers within Fiends giving them abilities in various types of Magic and Powers. The Fiend Lord himself does not have any true Combat Orientated Abilities aside from Melee attacks.

The Fiend Lord is also able to telepathically control and command the Fiends that are not corrupted by Evil, due to his connection with the Fiends, they feel no pain in battle and have no memory of being controlled.


Tiny Fiends

Fiend Lord is the player's character in Tiny Fiends and the player embodies the Fiend Lord, being able to command the Fiends. In addition the Fiend Lord is shown to be able to use ancient Magic to Purify, Evil Fiends allowing him to command them.