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Wii u 

The Fellowship of The Toads is an upcomming video game. It is a 3D platformer that has a more in-depth story than any other mario game. The game is devoloped by Nintendo, Retro Studios, and HAL Laboratory. The game has simalar gameplay to the Mario and Mother (Earthbound) series. The game will be released sometime between 2014 and 2016 for the Nintendo Wii U.



Spore:Spore sells mushroom coffee in Toad Town. An advid fan of the mario brothers, when Mario and Luigi go missing, he feels that it is his duty to save them.When he hears of this news , he decides to recruit a group of toads to save the brothers. Spore is a red toad. He is very heroic and wishes to be a hero like Mario and Luigi are.

Gill:Gill is commonly known as the strongest toad in Toad Town. Gill is a hero himself having saved Toadette from a burning building. When Spore approaches him about Mario and Luigi he doesnt hesitate to say yes to his proposal. Gill is a blue toad. He is very strong both physically and emotionally.

Roy:Roy is the fastest toad in Toad Town. Roy only wants to save the brothers so he can clear his name of a past crime he comitted. Roy has known Spore since his preschool days and reluctantly said yes to his proposal. Roy is a yellow toad and a fast thinker.

Jenny: Jenny is known for her good looks. Before a near death experiance she was a snobby beauty pagent winner. After this, she realized that life is to short to be selfish. When Spore asks her if she will go she says"Oh Hell Ya!". Jenny is very beautiful and is full of wisdom. Jenny is a pink toad.


A Mysterious figure kidnaps Mario and Luigi and the Toads go on a journey to save them.


  • The game was originally set for release on the nintendo gamecube but was constantly delayed.
  • The game caused Spore to become a playable character in the fifth Super Smash Bros. game.

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